Tour de Pharmacy

2017 "Winning is in their blood. Among other things."
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Released: 08 July 2017 Released
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Country: United States of America
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A mockumentary that chronicles the prevalence of doping in the world of professional cycling.

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Kidskycom It's funny watching the elements come together in this complicated scam. On one hand, the set-up isn't quite as complex as it seems, but there's an easy sense of fun in every exchange.
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
Mandeep Tyson The acting in this movie is really good.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
adonis98-743-186503 A mockumentary that chronicles the prevalence of doping in the world of professional cycling. Despite a solid cast of well known actors such as Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Bacon this "comedy" spoof is extremely painful, boring and just a waste of a great cast alongside 39 minutes of absolute boredom and phoning in perfomances especially John Cena was just ridiculous. (0/10)
Carlos André The only other mockumentary from HBO that I saw before that was "7 Days in Hell", it had Andy Samberg and Kit Harington (two actors that I'm a fan of), but didn't work for me, was unfunny at all. But here, man, this work! Tour de Pharmacy has some amazing actors here (Samberg, Bloom), is really short, and really funny too, there are some cool and sily (in a good way) jokes. I think I have to warning you: It's a trash movie, so go see it with this in mind, and I think that you will have a good time.7,5/10
rupertenglander As a MAMIL I really wanted to like this short film and thought it would be funny and a good irreverent look at cycling and the challenges the sport has faced with doping over the years. What it is is a pretty poor joke of a film with a frankly absurd script, pointless nudity (seemingly for the sake of it), and a story line that just belies belief. The subject matter and parody could have been done in a much more sophisticated and witty way rather than this frankly slapstick, low brow and pointless excuse for a joke. Really disappointed.
Horst in Translation ( "Tour de Pharmacy" is a 39-minute live action movie that premiered only a couple days ago, so it is obviously from this year (2017). The cast includes many many big names and even if most of them only have a scene or too, it is somewhat refreshing to see all these famous faces. I will not give a total list, bit let me just say I liked Rashad, Hamm, Bacon, Forte, Goldblum and some others. I do not like Samberg, Rudolph and Bloom (even if he is better than usual). Oh yeah, and Mike Tyson was pretty hilarious explaining to us how he entered the world of boxing with a memorable connection to cycling. Still if you really want to watch something informative about the subject of substance abuse in the professional sport of cycling, then this is not the one to watch. Let me tell you this as somebody who really has a strong interest in the sport of cycling. It is only worth seeing for some of the comedic stuff, even if obviously not all of it is working. Director is Jake Szymanski and writer is Murray Miller and these two already collaborated on a similar mockumentary not too long ago with the focus on tennis back then. I would say that this one here is by no means as good as the one on tennis, which was actually one of the best films under 45 minutes of its respective year. This one probably is not, but it still offers some fairly funny sequences and writing. I think it gets better the longer it goes and overall I give it a thumbs-up. Go check it out, especially for the scenes with lance Armstrong that stayed incredibly entertaining until the very end and never got repetitive, even if it somewhat was the same joke over and over again. I honestly would like to see him in acting.