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The second "visual album" (a collection of short films) by Beyoncé, this time around she takes a piercing look at racial issues and feminist concepts through a sexualized, satirical, and solemn tone.

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Alicia I love this movie so much
Steineded How sad is this?
Ceticultsot Beautiful, moving film.
Kirandeep Yoder The joyful confection is coated in a sparkly gloss, bright enough to gleam from the darkest, most cynical corners.
peefyn I was expecting a series of loosely tied together music videos, but the connection, and the narrative, was much stronger than expected. This is obviously based on Beyoncé's own life, the troubles she has had in her own family, and the importance of family to her (in both a literal and figurative sense). It's shown using a combination of private footage and more music video-like sequences, and it ends up working really well.What's most impressive, is how Beyoncé and the movie makers managed to make her very personal story feel relatable for people in completely different situations. This is done both by showing all sorts of lives throughout the film, but also by making Beyoncé herself feel more human and relatable.The process and personal journey described, going from feeling hurt, to angry, indifferent, etc., and then forgiveness and redemption, kind of makes the other players in her personal journey seem like passive players, and so the conveying of "forgivenes" was a bit harder to swallow. But then again, this is only meant to reflect her side of all of this, and you are just going to trust her judgment.
proreviewer08 I didn't use to listen to Beyoncé very often until I heard about this masterpiece and decided to give it a listen. And I was THRILLED! Not only the album but its visuals also succeeded at entertaining me. Unlike her last album which had individual visuals for each track, Lemonade's visuals are connected with mysterious and meaningful poetry that has given me chills. This lengthy but entertaining music video/visual album shows us Beyoncé's doubts about Jay-Z. It opens with "Intuition" where Beyoncé starts to question their relationship and followed by "Denial" where Beyoncé tries to be "less awake". In "Anger", Beyoncé tells Jay-Z "if he tries this s*** again, he go lose his wife" while in "Reformation", Beyoncé tries to repair their relationship. Eventually, it finishes with "Redemption" where Beyoncé understands that Jay is her true love and she cannot leave him. Its trailer makes it look dark and creepy, but trust me, IT IS NOT. And you are hearing this from a person who isn't a Beyoncé fan(Well, not anymore :)) And now, Lemonade is one of my favourite albums, while Beyoncé is one of my favourite artists.
TheMrAdriaX After her raunchy and overtly explicit self-titled visual album released in 2013, Beyonce returns with a more toned down, yet her most empowering work of art to date. The Lemonade visual features complex themes of infidelity that is prevalent throughout the film as viewers are taken through a scorn woman's journey from Intuition to Anger all of which are different stages of emotion a woman goes through when they are cheated on. The cinematography varies throughout the film but remains to be consistent to the overall experience of the film. Asides from the film, Beyonce's music is both personal and raw as she experiments with different genres of music such as R&B, rock, reggae and even country. Despite the wildly different genres of music Beyonce plays with, much like the cinematography, it all mends together well to produce the over arching story that she intends the viewers to experience. Beyonce's Lemonade is her best work to date.
jrneptune Words appearing during video:1. Intuition - that sense that something isn't right about a situation2. Denial - creating excuses in your mind instead of confronting the issue3. Anger - reaction when the truth is found out 4. Apathy - reaction afterward trying to fool yourself 5. Emptiness - feeling afterward when you realize your not in control even over yourself 6. Accountability - when you wake up and realize more needs to be done not just for yourself but for your family and others 7. Reformation - rebuilding the relationship 8. Forgiveness - Forgiving others and yourself 9. Hope - Hope for the future 10. Redemption - Phase in which you can trust again Film Adaptation and Poetry credited to Warsan Shire 12 Videos for each song from the album. I don't see how they are actually interconnected other than being related to a phase of life a woman can encounter or remembers.Stunning visual displays and songs featuring other artists such as The Weeknd, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar.Images during videos celebrates everything from her parents, pregnancy, childhood, family videos, a funeral, and moments with her dad, Ivy with her Dad, and celebrities including the mothers of sons recently killed that ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. I also have to wonder about the timing of it coming out almost two weeks before Mothers Day. Have to wonder if it isn't a Mother's Day gift to women.I give it 8 out of 10 only because I felt if is going to be an hour long they could have possibly interconnected the stories between the videos better and possibly create a clearer message but then again it is art and having people think and discuss the artist's intent is also a artist's goal.