End of Days

1999 "Prepare for the end."
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On 28 December 1999, the citizens of New York City are getting ready for the turn of the millennium. However, Satan decides to crash the party by coming to the city and searching for his chosen bride — a 20-year-old woman named Christine York. The world will end, and the only hope lies within an atheist named Jericho Cane.

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Console best movie i've ever seen.
Borserie it is finally so absorbing because it plays like a lyrical road odyssey that’s also a detective story.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Aiden Melton The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.
Maleplatypus Taking aside the whole nonsense of the story, it's a pretty watchable film film, but too Hyams (explosions, shooting, savage deaths and so on). Arnie will be good until he learns to spell "r" without the accent and until he stops "being back". Good cast, some good jokes and a dark atmosphere. And Arnie gets to be half beaten by a mid-aged lady. Also, we've finally found out where does all the oil coming from (no, not from the ground). However, Mr. Devil remains unexplained. Is it Mr. Beelzebub (CEO) himself or just an appointed high ranking manager from Hell? They also have hierarchy, you know. So, anyway: in my opinion this is one of Arnie's "not so good" movies, but you may watch it. Inquisition approved.
Sean Newgent Arnold Schwarzenegger's career path changed in the 90's. He began branching out into comedies as the era of macho action faded. His success in that endeavor is a matter of opinion (I think Jingle All the Way was the best comedy he did). But in his filmography of the time is a stand-out, an action/horror movie that was less Predator and more Exorcist. End of Days was the End of Days for Arnie's acting career for about a decade as he focused more on politics and the movie itself was so critically panned that you can see why Arnold may have disappeared from Hollywood for a while. Perhaps he saw that his time was up and he should move on to trying new things. After all, one of the reasons we love Arnold so much is that he will try anything and isn't afraid to fail.And End of Days is a testament to that, I mishmash of genres and ideas that for all intents and purposes shouldn't work. There's a bit of The Exorcist mixed with Y2K conspiracies with a touch of The Mummy's brand of action/horror. There's a bizarre dynamic of typical cop films, Vatican drama, and over-the-top action. Arnold plays a sympathetic character,albeit a two dimensional one, who also happens to be a bad ass killing machine with little care for property damage or manslaughter charges. It's a film that is constantly morphing into something else, providing what turns out to be a good popcorn flick despite all the flaws.Arnold plays Jericho, the typical washed up cop whose family was killed by robbers. During a routine job he is pulled into a world of demons and holy men, a war between good and evil to prevent the end of days. Satan walks the Earth to have a child with a young woman and herald in the apocalypse on Y2K. The Vatican wants to kill the girl to prevent this, Jericho decides he wants to defeat Satan and save her. Thus he faces off with Satanists, members of the Vatican, and eventually takes on Satan himself.The movie is grungy and ugly in a way that compliments the plot. It reminded me a lot of the horror/action comic books of the time. The direction is pretty standard and to tell the truth, the majority of the film is pretty run-of-the-mill. The action is nonstop but none of it is original. The acting is typically pretty bad, though Arnie gives a decent performance by his standards and Gabriel Byrne is a ham as Satan. The only really bad performance was Robin Tunney as Christine, the woman meant to have the devil's child. She was a God-awful choice for a female co-star and even if Arnie isn't giving his charismatic best, he looks positively stellar beside Tunney.What I liked about the movie pretty much comes down to subject matter. I'm a sucker for this kind of religious horror film, especially if done in a more urban fantasy type way. I liked all the ideas presented even if they weren't cohesive enough to make the movie anything less than awkward. But as the definition of a "turn off your brain" film, it works.Another thing I want to point out is that the ending doesn't cop-out. With an ending like the one in the film most movies would go for some sort of ham-fisted plot device to present a happy ending. But instead, End of Days sticks to what happens and feels so much more refreshing for it.End of Days isn't a memorable movie, it arguably isn't even good. But it's a ton of fun and propelled by some silly performances and a script that moves at a breakneck pace. It's formulaic and does nothing new, it's not even scary to tell the truth. But there's a lot of entertainment to be found in it and even if Jericho is two-dimensional, it's nice to see an Arnold Schwarzenegger character with a modicum of backstory, emotion, and motivation.
bazmitch23 This movie tries to combine religion mixed with an Arnold action film, but the two don't mix. They just don't. An Arnold movie is supposed to be full of one liners, action scenes and Arnold being Arnold. A religious film is supposed to be clever. We have really stupid dialogue and clichéd action scenes. Satan himself is incredibly stupid. He knows about the guard being a pedophile and Jerico's wife and daughter being killed, yet he does not know the location of where Christine is.Well, if he did, we wouldn't have a movie would we? And for some stupid reason, he doesn't kill Jerico when he crucifies him. He doesn't even hammer nails through his wrists and feet.But he can't do that, cos you can't kill Arnold. He's the hero. He has to save the world.We have some pretty bad special effects. The scene where the Albino smashes into pieces looks like a PS1 game and the scene where Satan makes love to the woman and her daughter and they morph together like a Bosch painting looks unconvincing. However, Satan himself looks okay and the scene where the Church is being destroys looks good. I actually thought they built a giant church set and destroyed it all, but it was a miniature. Fooled me.Gabriel Byrne struggles with his New York accent, to the point where he gives up and does his own Dublin accent. By the way, the scene where Satan takes over Gabriel's body, he walks out of the toilet, kisses a woman and then leaves the restaurant. We then cut to inside the restaurant where we have the woman reacting to something. We then cut to outside the restaurant as it explodes. What, did Satan put an explosive inside the woman when he kissed her? Although full of flaws, I actually liked the film. I thought it was fun. I liked Arnold being Arnold, Gabriel Byrne has fun as Satan and the scene where Miriam Margoyles kicks Arnold's ass was funny.I loved the finale in the church. I thought that scene was really effective. This film came out the same year as Stigmata which also starred Gabriel Byrne. And this film features a scene with Stigmata in it. This film also came out the same year as Dogma, which although was a silly comedy, it was actually quite clever. Kevin Smith is a religious nut and it shows in his dialogue. Between those three films, I prefer Dogma. At least it knew how to be clever in it's religion topics. The whole "The number of the Beast is not 666. When viewed upside down it is 999, like in 1999, the year of his return" was just..........................., I'm no expert on religion, but................... really? I know you have to come with a reason for the world ending in the year 2000, but...... I dunno. I heard that Satan comes back every 999 years. I dunno. But then again, as stupid as it sounds, it IS only a movie after all. If you're expecting a clever religious film, look elsewhere. But if you're looking for Arnold fighting the devil, this is it.
BA_Harrison The end of the 90s saw the human race suffering from a collective case of pre-millennium jitters, people convinced that the dawning of the year 2000 would be the beginning of the end. Some thought that technology would fail us, plunging humanity back into the dark-ages; others predicted cataclysmic natural disasters; overzealous religious types either looked forward to The Rapture or feared the oncoming of The Antichrist.Biblical horror/action hybrid End of Days uses this last idea as the basis for its plot: Arnie Schwarzenegger stars as suicidal ex-cop Jericho Cane, who finds a new lease of life when he is pitted against none other than the devil himself (Gabriel Byrne), who is in New York searching for the woman with whom he will spawn a son. Robin Tunney plays the unfortunate young lady destined to bear the devil's offspring unless Jericho can keep her safe till midnight, New Year's Eve.The hackneyed plot for this theological tosh feels almost as old as the 'good book' itself, clichéd and predictable throughout, right down to the trite 'cat scare', the Satanic aides, and the tragic central character having lost his faith due to the tragic murder of his wife and child. Arnie is as wooden as ever (not great when his character demands an emotional tour de force), Gabriel Byrne does a poor impression of Pacino from The Devil's Advocate, and Robin Tunney is forgettable. However, despite the over-familiarity of the material and the shocking acting, End of Days actually proves to be quite a bit of fun…Hyams is an unexceptional but dependable director and he once again delivers a slick Hollywood product, ensuring more than enough overblown action and gratuitous violence to please the average Arnie fan. Memorable moments include Arnie chasing a gunman suspended from a helicopter, the star being beaten up by Margolyes of all people, the Devil punching a man right through the chest, and a spectacular train crash. The film also dares to do the unthinkable by offing Arnie at the very end, but only after he's pumped the devil full of high explosives and sent him back to Hell with his tail between his legs!Such silliness isn't going to win any awards (not even Razzies, although it was nominated for several), but it's an enjoyable enough way to kill some time.