Super Buddies

2013 "You don't need superpowers to be a super hero."
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Released: 27 August 2013 Released
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When the five puppies stumble upon the Five Power Rings of Inspiron (alien artifacts abandoned on Earth 16 years ago), they all develop super powers, and are enlisted in Captain Canine's battle against the evil Darkon alien Commander Drex. Captain Canine is commander of space ship Megasis and is from the planet Inspiron. He is the mortal enemy of the Commander Drex. In charge of protecting Princess Jorala and the Five Power Rings from Drex, Megasis places the rings in hiding on the planet Earth, and takes the form of a German Shepherd, intending to stay on earth in very deep cover. Adopted by aspiring young comic book artist Ian Shaeffer, and renamed Captain Canine, he spends 16 happy years on Earth, as Ian recounts the stories of his space adventures. But when the five Buddies discover the Power Rings and instantly develop superpowers, Captain Canine has to train them very quickly indeed - for Commander Drex is headed back to earth, and this time he's determined to succeed.

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Lightdeossk Captivating movie !
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Hattie I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
rajaat99 I randomly came across this movie. My son (3 years) loves super heroes and dogs, so I thought he would love it. I was right, he loves it. He says it's the best movie ever! I think the acting is pretty awful and I can't stand the dog that talks like what an adult thought early kids in the nineties sounded like. This must be what John Ratzenberger does with his time, when he's not doing voices for PIXAR. Go ahead and watch it with your kids, if they're young and enjoy movies about dogs. However, remember that the acting is about as good as you average student film.
tarmuffin As though the clichés weren't even used enough, this film just had to hammer in the infamous superhero cliché mix. Now, where do I begin on how awful this film is... I know! How about how the main character (the kids in other words) aren't even the same (yet again), the MacGuffins ("the Rings of Inspiron") are nothing more than just stupid colored rings, and the CGI sucks (especially the aliens.)The only thing that I am rather pleased about is how John Ratzenburger is in this film. He's the only reason I can tolerate it... That, and how the sheriff acts after being body-snatched...So if you're reading this, Mr. Vince, please do the right thing and kill off the franchise. Seriously, I cannot tolerate having to watch stupid genre after stupid genre of the same cutesy puppies...Sincerely,Mr. FilmedMuffin (idiotic beginner reviewee)
laurenwhite97 It is a "family friendly" movie in the fact it contains no bad language, violence, adult themes, or actual violence. My 6 year old niece loves it because it has adorable little puppies. However, one thing did annoy me very much. It was rather sexist. There is only one strong female character and she is victim of a stereotypical, hyper-feminine personality. Personally, if I had daughters i would not let them watch this movie. There are several strong male characters with their own personalities, but the female is, of course, stereotypical. The writers could not have been more shallow and two-dimensional. Find another movie, like Ponyo. :)
Alley Watched this movie with kids aged 5yrs and 9yrs and they both loved it. If your kids are fans of other Buddies movies definitely check this one out. Nice to have a Superhero movie aimed more for the little one's (no heavy violence, adult themes etc). It is very kid friendly and funny.Interesting story about a comic book and Aliens from another planet along with the regular Buddies and their kid owners. My kids loved to see the other talking animal characters too. (And for the adults, it was nice to see John Ratzenberger again, and the voice of Colin Hanks was a nice surprise!)Also has a great message for kids about working as a team. Highly recommend it!