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Jupiter Ascending (2015)Movie

Stars: Mila Kunis | Channing Tatum | Sean Bean |

Release Date: 2015-02-04

Production Companies: Village Roadshow Pictures, Dune Entertainment, Anarchos Productions,

Director: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, Julie Brown,

Jupiter Ascending Summary

In a universe where human genetic material is the most precious commodity, an impoverished young Earth woman becomes the key to strategic maneuvers and internal strife within a powerful dynasty…

Richard Roeper

Where were the Guardians of the Galaxy when we needed them? If only they had prevented the disastrous atrocity that is "Jupiter Ascending" from infiltrating Earth's movie theaters before it was too late!

Christy Lemire

A lot of people spent a lot of time and a lot of money making a lot of movie, but there's not much there.

Richard Brody

The Wachowskis create a churning, swooping C.G.I. universe that's decorated to the corners of the frame without taste or imagination.

Christopher Orr

Don't even get me started on the aliens, many of whom would have been turned away from the cantina door in Mos Eisley.

David Edelstein

Jupiter Ascending is inane from first frame to last - the dialogue is so clunky, I wondered if George Lucas had been brought in to do the rewrite.