Cinderella: Once Upon a Time in the West

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Released: 25 July 2012 Released
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Country: France
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Cinderella is transformed for a night at the royal ball, but finds herself battling a band of gorilla pirates who have kidnapped Prince Vladimir and the Duchess. Will she have time to save the day and fall in love before the clock strikes twelve?

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Clevercell Very disappointing...
Nonureva Really Surprised!
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Limerculer A waste of 90 minutes of my life
leaf-hensley This movie is not perfect. In fact, far from it. However, if you manage to look past it's numerous flaws, you just might find something special. Cinderella with an interesting twist. It's intriguing, but the movie didn't pull it off right. The plot doesn't flow smoothly at all, and some of the voices and characters make you cringe, however, it has it's quirky and endearing moments that give you just enough strength to keep watching.On the subject of character development, Cinderella herself is a tough girl who isn't afraid to fight. Interesting, but once again, not pulled off right. Prince Vladimir is a cool character, but you get tired of his accent after a while. Arguably, the most interesting character is probably the Duchess, Prince Vladimir's mother. When the Duchess is kidnapped, she actually manages to cleverly manipulate her captors into prolonging her life so she can be rescued. She's also a sweetheart, but with a bit of a gambling problem. But I will warn you. It's quite hard to like the characters. Just keep an open mind. The animation is beautiful, bright, and colorful. Can't tell you just how much I love the beauty of it. It's pleasant to the eye, however, the characters movements are a bit stiff. For example, the fight scenes are alright, but they move a tad slow. It is fun to watch, though. The way the characters hit, it makes it feel like there's real heft to it. I won't lie, you probably need to be a bit lenient on this movie to find any enjoyment. If you just sit there calmly and let it do it's thing, it's just bearable. I recommend this for your children who will enjoy the colorful and vibrant animation and the animal characters. But that's about as far as it goes. I won't call it good. It's bearable. Bearable is a good word for it.
nammage What we have here is a French film. On that point: it's set in the American Old West. It felt like watching every stereotypical film, or reading a fictional book about the West during the late 19th Century. If the filmmakers did research it was probably on their own stereotypes of Americans, I could be wrong. If there is supposed to be humor in this, I missed it. The only scene that may have come close is the one in the beginning where the train is being robbed, and the "Prince" effortlessly foils the bandit by lighting one of his dynamite strapped to his belt. It was ridiculous.This is very loosely based on the Cinderella story; and of what there is of "Cinderella" seems to be a minor side story to the overall greed of everyone else.Also, in this Cinderella she doesn't lose a glass slipper but a tooth. Yes! a tooth. Something else ridiculous: the use of Tommy guns. The Gatling gun is period, but not the Tommy gun.And the ending where Cinderella and the Prince are on the ship, they're just standing there and miraculously they are saved before the explosion. Yet it didn't show how at the last second the bird came down and rescued them, a huge gigantic bird. Some things should be left to the imagination except things that are just ridiculous. I know it's a children's animated film but it's not like the setting is in Neverland, or anything: it's the Old West--with pirates! The animation is average for the computer generated films one may be used to. It's not Pixar quality. And that's fine. But the dialogue should at least be well enough to keep one's attention, none in this film seems to have kept mine. It started out okay, and just dwindled from there.I'm giving this a 4/10 for effort, and though the animation is average there are some scenes that are quite well done.This is a film that one watches when they are bored or with a very young child, like a 5 year old.
Prasanna Ramachandran Pathetic story line, no interesting plot and a total waste of the budget. That too in 3D, deserves not even a ZERO !!!What are the bad guys supposed to do, why that plot? Totally chaotic and what a waste, the kids in the PVR Cinemas booed and were uninterested.The subplots involving the bad apes were so pathetic.May be they ran out of creativity or wanted to do a "for the loss" movie.Please avoid this movie even for free !!!Mindless and senseless murder of a childhood fantasy fairy tale is all that can be said of this movie.
Kalle16 what a waste of electricity to watch this movie. It is so bad that even my 6 year old daughter asked me to switch it off, she rather would watch another movie again (in this case she preferred a rerun of "Rise of the Guardians". The animation looks awkward, the English voices are annoying ( perhaps the original French is better and everything got lost in translation; unlikely, but who knows ) The characters are not animals, they look like humans with fur and an animal head and they also move like humans. However this awful attempt of a animated movie is really bad and seems really low budget. I rather would watch paint dry.