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The Big Questions
  • The Big Questions (2007)
  • Documentary, News, Talk, War & Politics,
  • Nicky Campbell hosts a series of moral, ethical and religious debates.
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The Big Questions 2007
The O'Reilly Factor
  • The O'Reilly Factor (1)
  • News,
  • The O'Reilly Factor, originally titled The O'Reilly Report from 1996 to 1998 and often called The Factor, is an American talk show on the Fox News Channel hosted by commentator Bill O'Reilly, who often discusses current controversial political issues with guests.
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The O'Reilly Factor 1
IMAX Ultimate Collection
IMAX Ultimate Collection 2007
Cold Pizza
  • Cold Pizza (2003)
  • News,
  • Cold Pizza was a television sports morning talk show that aired weekdays on ESPN2. The show's style was more akin to Good Morning America than SportsCenter's straight news and highlights format. It included daily sports news, interviews with sports journalists, athletes, and personalities, and an assortment of other sports and non-sports topics. This show began airing on October 20, 2003. The show's launch team and daily production management was led by broadcast executives James Cohen, Joseph Maar and Todd Mason. Although Cold Pizza was simulcast on ESPN2HD, it was not produced or presented in high definition. On October 2, 2006, DirecTV became the presenting sponsor with the show titled as Cold Pizza presented by DirecTV. Two back-to-back two-hour episodes aired each weekday from Monday through Friday, with the live episode airing from 10 a.m. ET until noon, followed by a repeat at 12 p.m. ET. The show was hosted by former SportsCenter personality, Dana Jacobson, who joined the program in 2005, and Jay Crawford, who was with the show for its entire run. Skip Bayless contributed during the "1st and 10" segments. Woody Paige, who had been his antagonist during those segments, left after the November 28, 2006, episode, citing health and personal reasons, leaving New York to return to the Denver Post, where he had been a longtime writer.
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Cold Pizza 2003
TechSNAP 2011
Uppdrag granskning sommar
Uppdrag granskning sommar 1
  • CNNNN (2002)
  • Comedy, News,
  • CNNNN is a news and current affairs channel owned and operated by ChaserCorp. It was founded by David Stewart in 1983 to counteract liberal bias in the media and remains the cornerstone of a television network that now contains over 40 different channels, spans 294 countries and reaches a potential cumulative audience of 100 billion people per week.
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CNNNN 2002
Movie Surfers
  • Movie Surfers (1998)
  • News,
  • Movie Surfers is a Disney Channel mini-show, that appears in commercial-like form, where teenagers go behind the scenes of Walt Disney-related films. It started out as a TV special that would air when a new Disney movie came out. It was about teenagers communicating with each other via webcams and getting info about the movies. Now, it also appears as 5-minute segments after a Disney Channel movie or series ends. In 1997 when the show began, Mischa, Lindsay, Alexis, and Marcus used the computer to surf the internet to go behind the scenes of upcoming movies. Starting in 2002, they began sitting in a screening room and talking to various actors and actresses of the movie and what inspired the movie. Since early 2005, there's been a brand new cast: Rose, who left early 2006 and was replaced by Stevanna, Josh, Jeryn, and Tessa. They still sit in a screening room but have branched out to do more interactive segments in which they might get to actually get in on some of the filming process themselves. In 2009, Disney XD started airing Movie Surfers. sometimes during commercial breaks.
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Movie Surfers 1998
Forensic Investigators
  • Forensic Investigators (2004)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Forensic Investigators: Australia's True Crimes is an Australian television show hosted by Lisa McCune which aired on the Seven Network. It aired from 2004 to 2006. Focusing on actual Australian crimes, each episode unfolds the drama minute-by-minute showing viewers the tireless work of detectives, and the scientific procedures required to solve these mysteries. The series includes exclusive footage that has never been seen outside the courtroom, including police videos, crime scene stills and other forensic evidence. Recently the 1st and 2nd seasons have been released on DVD. The third season featured a new time slot – Wednesday at 8:30 pm. It is not known when, or if the fourth season will begin airing.
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Forensic Investigators 2004
  • Primetime (1989)
  • News,
  • Primetime is an American news magazine show which debuted on ABC in 1989 with co-hosts Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer and originally had the title Primetime Live.
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Primetime 1989
The Conspiracy Files
  • The Conspiracy Files (2006)
  • Documentary, News,
  • The Conspiracy Files is a British documentary television series broadcast on BBC Two, investigating various modern day conspiracy theories. So far in two series and 6 programmes, the show has investigated the theories surrounding the September 11 attacks, the Pan Am Flight 103 bomb, the Oklahoma City bombing, the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the deaths of David Kelly and Diana, Princess of Wales.
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The Conspiracy Files 2006
  • Notorious (2004)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Notorious is an American documentary television series that profiles the lives of infamous individuals in history. The series airs on The Biography Channel. Most episodes of Notorious are rehashes of the similar TV Series American Justice and Mobsters, both series that were originally broadcast on Biography Channel's sister channel, A&E Network. The only differences are the intro of the episodes and the lead-in's after commercials. Besides this, the rehashed episodes are no different in any way.
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Notorious 2004
  • Parlamentet (1999)
  • Comedy, News,
  • Parlamentet is a satirical panel gameshow on on TV4, which parodies Swedish political debate. It was first broadcast in 1999 and is currently in its 23rd series. The current presenter is Anders S. Nilsson, who has hosted the show since 2004. Current team members include Babben Larsson, Robin Paulsson, Johan Rheborg and Johan Glans. Kodjo Akolor has also been featured. The program is a Swedish version of the short-run British show If I Ruled the World, which itself was as spin-off from Have I Got News For You - both produced by Hat Trick Productions. The comedians are divided into two teams, red and blue, representing traditional political colours. At the end of the show, the audience vote for the winners based on which team was funniest.
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Parlamentet 1999
The Big Breakfast
  • The Big Breakfast (1992)
  • News,
  • The Big Breakfast was a British light entertainment television show shown on Channel 4 and S4C each weekday morning from 28 September 1992 until 29 March 2002 during which period 2,482 shows were produced. The Big Breakfast was produced by Planet 24, the production company co-owned by former Boomtown Rats singer and Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof. The programme was distinctive for broadcasting live from former lockkeepers' cottages commonly referred to as "The Big Breakfast House", or more simply, "The House", located on Fish Island, in Bow in east London. The show was a mix of news, weather, interviews, audience phone-ins and general features, with a light tone which was in competition with the more serious GMTV and even more serious BBC breakfast programmes.
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The Big Breakfast 1992
This Week
  • This Week (1981)
  • News,
  • This Week is the Sunday morning political affairs program airing on the ABC television network. The program is currently hosted by George Stephanopoulos, who also serves as co-anchor of the network's morning news program Good Morning America. Former Good Morning America and World News Tonight anchor Charles Gibson performs the voice-over heard during the opening titles of This Week. The program is initially aired at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, although many stations air the program at a later slot, especially those in other time zones.
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This Week 1981
Attack of the Show!
  • Attack of the Show! (2005)
  • Comedy, News,
  • Attack of the Show! is an American live television program that formerly aired weeknights on G4, G4 Canada Fuel TV, HOW TO Channel, and Maxxx. Episodes were hosted by Kevin Pereira, Olivia Munn, Zach Selwyn, Layla Kayleigh, Sarah Lane, Alison Haislip, Candace Bailey, and Sara Underwood. Attack of the Show! reviewed new technological items, parodies, pop culture, and general daily news, and gave previews of video games, movies, and digital media.
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Attack of the Show! 2005
Windy City Live
  • Windy City Live (2011)
  • News, Talk,
  • Windy City LIVE is a local Chicago daytime talk show on ABC7 Chicago (WLS-TV) with Co-Hosts Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini. Val and Ryan are joined every weekday at 1pm by a panel of contributors including social media producer Ji Suk Yi, showcasing the heartbeat and soul of Chicago including local hot topics, music talent, celebrities, spotlighting local heroes and charities, and upcoming events.
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Windy City Live 2011
On The Verge
On The Verge 2011
Epic Fu
  • Epic Fu (2006)
  • News,
  • Epic Fu is a web series created by new media producers Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz. The show premiered on June 1, 2006 with Zadi Diaz as the host. Airing weekly on the Epic Fu web site and various online distribution channels, the show draws its content from current news stories centered around emerging art, music, technology and web culture.
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Epic Fu 2006
Real Stories
  • Real Stories (2006)
  • Comedy, Documentary, News,
  • Real Stories is an Australian satirical television comedy series produced by Carlton Television for Network Ten. It was created by Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. The series was first broadcast on 22 August 2006. Eight episodes were produced. The program was a parody of current affairs shows. It was hosted by Jennifer Adams, a former Seven Network reporter. The show mimicked a standard current affairs format. Pre-recorded segments in the show were introduced by the host. These segments starred Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, Ryan Shelton, and Tim Bartley with voice-overs provided by Greg Fleet. The show originally started as a project for Melbourne's Channel 31, a community access television station, as a collaboration between Roving Enterprises and Hamish & Andy's production company, Radio Karate. There are no plans to continue production of the show. It was repeated during 2007, and is currently available on DVD. Several podcasts were produced, including material not broadcast in the series.
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Real Stories 2006
Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld
  • Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld (1995)
  • Comedy, Documentary, News,
  • Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld was a BBC television series about the car and motoring cultures of various countries. The show was presented by Jeremy Clarkson and consisted of two series of six episodes each plus a special focusing on the UK. Each episode focused on a different country or region. The series was first shown in the UK on BBC Two in 1995, and was subsequently shown to an international audience on BBC World. It has also been repeated on Dave. The Best Of Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld, a video containing 70 minutes of highlights from the series was released on 7 October 1996. The video was later released on DVD as part of The Jeremy Clarkson Collection in 2007. There was also a book written by Clarkson based on the series. Clarkson described the series as: "From the sports cars of the wealthy in Monaco to the 1950s Morris Oxfords that still rule the roads in India, this is a lighthearted look at the culture of the car in 12 different countries. His travels include visits to Italy, home of the Ferrari - "a steel deity, sex on wheels"; Japan, where he has a brush with the local Mercedes-driving mafia; and Iceland, where he takes his life in his hands and hurtles around the most dangerous off-the-road course in the world in a customized 4WD jeep."
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Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld 1995
Turning Point
  • Turning Point (1)
  • News,
  • Turning Point is an ABC News program that aired from 1994 to 1999. Turning Point was an hour-long documentary program focused on a single topic, making it similar to CBS' 48 Hours, which it ran directly opposite for some of its run. The program tended toward sensational topics, such as former members of Charles Manson's "Family" and much coverage of the O. J. Simpson murder case, which was current for much of the program's run. ABC News figures appearing regularly on the program included Diane Sawyer, Forrest Sawyer, Meredith Vieira, Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters. This Turning Point is not to be confused with an ABC dramatic anthology series of the same title which ran during the 1952-53 television season.
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Turning Point 1
This Is Life with Lisa Ling
  • This Is Life with Lisa Ling (2014)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Lisa Ling's investigative documentary series goes behind the scenes to discover the secret societies within the American society.
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This Is Life with Lisa Ling 2014
  • Tonight (1999)
  • News,
  • Compelling current affairs stories that get to the heart of what matters most to viewers.
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Tonight 1999
  • Click (1)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Your user-friendly guide to the latest technology news, issues, gadgets and apps.
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Click 1
Tanner '88
  • Tanner '88 (1988)
  • Comedy, Documentary, News, Reality, War & Politics,
  • In 1988, renegade filmmaker Robert Altman and Pulitzer Prize–winning Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau created a presidential candidate, ran him alongside the other hopefuls during the primary season, and presented their media campaign as a cross between a soap opera and TV news. The result was the groundbreaking Tanner ’88, a piercing satire of media-age American politics.
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Tanner '88 1988
Tyler's Ultimate
  • Tyler's Ultimate (2003)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Tyler's Ultimate is a television show on The Food Network hosted by Tyler Florence. The show focuses on making "ultimate" versions of popular or common dishes. The show began as a secondary show for host Tyler Florence who was still making episodes of his original show, Food 911. At the time of its conception, Food Network became very active in creating traveling food shows. Tyler's Ultimate was unique in the regard that the host himself usually cooked on the program in addition to traveling. The original format of the show featured Tyler focusing on a particular dish for each episode. He would travel around the world to discover different versions of that dish, as well as its origins, in an attempt to discover the ultimate version of that dish. At the end of the episode, Florence would combine the recipes he learned through his travels and adding his own spin to create "the ultimate recipe," though some episodes simply had him eating the dish, not preparing it at all. The show's format has changed; the traveling is removed as well as where the inspiration of the ultimate recipe came from, and Florence simply presents his version for the entire program, typically with more side dishes.
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Tyler's Ultimate 2003
Le beau dimanche
Le beau dimanche 2017
Días de cine
  • Días de cine (1991)
  • News,
  • Antonio Gasset hosts this show in which recently released movies and DVDs are thoughtfully discussed, in a documentary-like way.
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Días de cine 1991
Unreported World
  • Unreported World (1)
  • Documentary, News,
  • Unreported World is a foreign affairs programme produced by Quicksilver Media Productions and broadcast by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Over the course of its twenty-four series, reporters have travelled to dangerous locations all over the world in an attempt to uncover stories usually ignored by the world media. The first episode of series 24 was broadcast on 2 November, 2012.
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Unreported World 1
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