Mr. Robot


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8.5| TV-MA| en| More Info
Released: 27 May 2015 Ended
Producted By: UCP
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
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A contemporary and culturally resonant drama about a young programmer, Elliot, who suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder and decides that he can only connect to people by hacking them. He wields his skills as a weapon to protect the people that he cares about. Elliot will find himself in the intersection between a cybersecurity firm he works for and the underworld organizations that are recruiting him to bring down corporate America.

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Linkshoch Wonderful Movie
Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Gutsycurene Fanciful, disturbing, and wildly original, it announces the arrival of a fresh, bold voice in American cinema.
Cristal The movie really just wants to entertain people.
Adibiwikitiki AA It's an awesome show... Mostly because of the real codings and everything they show in here. also the way they portray the life of a troubled guy. The show is awesome. I totally recommend it
briantesta This show hit a bit of a lull in Season 2 as they introduced many new characters and subplots. Perhaps they felt that they needed more. The cinematography is incredible! Finally...a show that pushes the envelope both, with content and shot selection. People in the future will use this show as the watershed moment when TV evolved!
Michael_Kennedy As the title states, I believe this is the best show on television. It;s excellent on pretty much every level. Acting, directing, writing, cinematography, the score, everything is incredible. It's clever, tense, engaging and has a unique and interesting visual style. Season 1 and 3 are masterpieces and Season 2 is great, but has some issues with plot. It's a shame that a lot of people stopped watching and that not a lot of people watch the show in general, because it's easily the best show on TV right now and one of my favorite shows of all time.
alifim Unbelievably predictable and lame storyline. No reason to create something that is half though th

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