2007 "Would you kill the one you love to save yourself from death?"
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There is something horribly wrong with the bodies found in the dark city streets. Some are mutilated while others have the Price equation (wΔz = Cov (w,z) = βwzVz) carved into their flesh. Detective Eddie Argo and his new partner Helen Westcott unearth the meaning of the odd equation and realise each victim is being offered a gruesome choice: kill your loved ones, or be killed. Before long it becomes clear that the perpetrator has suffered a similar fate and is now coping by seeking a way to solve this philosophical dilemma.

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UnowPriceless hyped garbage
ThedevilChoose When a movie has you begging for it to end not even half way through it's pure crap. We've all seen this movie and this characters millions of times, nothing new in it. Don't waste your time.
filippaberry84 I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.
Ezmae Chang This is a small, humorous movie in some ways, but it has a huge heart. What a nice experience.
adonis98-743-186503 A series of deaths have started occurring in New York; Some are being found mutilated while others have an equation wÎ"z = Cov (w,z) = ÃwzVz carved onto their skin. As police investigate they discover each victim was forced to choose between sacrificing their own life or a loved ones' life. W Delta Z tries to be somekind of Saw rip-off and it's really not a very good one, the big names such as Stellan Skarsgård, Melissa George and Tom Hardy can't save the film from begin a huge waste of time but also just a very bland copy of others films like Saw which i mentioned and even Hostel. Definitely a film that was a bit interesting but just lost it as it went on and on. (3/10)
Woodyanders Weary veteran detective Eddie Argo (a fine performance by Stellan Skarsgard) and his eager rookie partner Helen Westcott (ably played by Melissa George) investigate a series of vicious murders in which the victims are forced to decide to choose between sacrificing their own lives or taking the life of a loved one.Director Tom Shankland keeps the absorbing story moving at a steady pace, maintains an unflinchingly dark and grim tone throughout, makes nice use of grimy urban locations, builds plenty of tension, and develops a strong harsh atmosphere that drips with dread, filth, and moral decay. Clive Bradley's compact and intelligent script not only comes through with a genuine doozy of a surprise final twist, but also makes a potent and provocative central point about how far one is willing to go for the sake of someone that they love. The sound acting by the sturdy cast helps a whole lot: Ashley Walters as antsy and spineless snitch Daniel Leone, Selma Blair as bitter and vengeful rape victim Jean Lerner, Tom Hardy as vile and belligerent hoodlum Pierre Jackson, Paul Kaye as soft-spoken nut Dr. Gelb, John Sharian as browbeating lout Jack Corelli, and Sally Hawkins as pathetic junkie whore Elly Carpenter. The startling moments of ugly and savage violence pack a ferocious punch. Morten Soberg's restless hand-held cinematography provides a super-kinetic buzz. David Julyan's brooding score does the moody trick. Well worth a watch.
MovieSonic Melissa George seems to pick out very good scripts (Triangle (2009), is another favourite of mine). This is one of those films that gets better and more engaging as it goes along - the twist was a bit of a surprise but I thought it was done well (it could have gone either way). There was a bit of gore but not much; the focus of the film was on the mystery.Some of it felt a bit gimmicky (i.e. the equation on the front cover) and I felt that could have been discussed/handled a bit differently to make it more realistic but it doesn't really matter.There's a thing these days where low budget films use overly shaky cameras to hide the low production value ("it's meant to look like that") and to be honest, it gets annoying in places. The shots of people standing or sitting still did not need a shaky camera! I didn't know Selma Blair was in this and actually, there were quite a few famous faces I wasn't expecting to see. I watched it because of Melissa George and her ability to pick good scripts. Selma's performance was good and she clearly put the effort in to play it straight but I never quite believe her. There's always something about her that says "haha, just kidding".None of this detracted from the film though and it does make you think (a bit) and was very entertaining.Well worth watching 8/10
Argemaluco I was not very interested in watching WAZ, because the plot summary sounded as another poor rehash of Seven and Saw.However, I took a huge surprise with this film.WAZ ended up being an excellent thriller, and although it shares a few elements with them, I think it is a big mistake to say it is a rehash of Seven and Saw.The screenplay from WAZ is truly brilliant.Recent "torture-porn" films (like The Strangers, Saw V or Captivity) bored me very much, because they do not endorse the torture scenes with a solid screenplay.Fortunately, WAZ endorses its brutal violence with interesting characters and a very intelligent story which reflects about some fascinating topics.And, because of that narrative complexity, the torture scenes have a much bigger emotional impact than almost all the others "torture-porn" thrillers.Besides, this movie has an ingenious twist at the end which does not leave any plot holes and closes the story perfectly.Stellan Skarsgård and Melissa George bring great performances.They both show a good level of intensity, and they are very involved on their characters, so they result very credible.Pity these two perfect performances went completely unnoticed.I really did not expect to like this movie so much.WAZ is an excellent (not to mention very underrated) thriller which deserves an enthusiastic recommendation, with the warning that the scenes of violence may result too intense for some people.I took a huge surprise with this film.