The Limehouse Golem

2016 "Before the ripper, fear had another name."
6.3| 1h49m| en| More Info
Released: 18 October 2016 Released
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A series of murders has shaken the community to the point where people believe that only a legendary creature from dark times – the mythical Golem – must be responsible.

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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
Exoticalot People are voting emotionally.
Micransix Crappy film
Scarlet The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
omnipotentbill Here we have a Ripper style murder in Victorian London. It is high profile and the public and press are clamouring for results. So what do the police do - they put a washed up detective on the case with the help of a single constable. Compare this to what really happened with the Ripper where the best detectives and an army of police were thrown at the case by the Government of the day and you can already see the plot of this film is not believable.We keep getting hints that the detective is Gay (which is absolutely nothing to do with the plot) and a couple of people express some very modern sensibilities about this (which is nothing to do with the era in which it is set). There might also be a feminist message in here somewhere.The detective wanders about and chats to a few people without any sense of urgency which would be needed to save the "innocent" woman who might be hanged for poisoning her husband.In the end I couldn't feel any sympathy for the detective or the women. I just didn't care.BTW: The end is a little silly.
Robin Sayer The stilted acting, over the top accents, the silly cheap technique of imagining every suspect as the murderer with a digital audio effect to make their voice sound monstrous. Bill Nighy brings absolutely nothing to the role, and is robotic and characterless, his side kick policeman is slightly more interesting but has some weird unnecessary dialog. Its as though someone writing the stilted pointless dialog of a marvel super hero - has decided to have a go at writing a BBC style period who-dun-it. But has completely failed to work out what that requires apart from throwing some murders and some suspects at the screen.
heykateforever This was not a perfect movie by any means. The pacing was stilted, the story, while interesting, had too many distractions to be compared to other great British police dramas. I would give it 5/10 for story and direction. But what won me over, was the absolutely stellar performances by the always wonderful Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth. I kept wondering where I had seen Olivia Cooke before. I looked her up (in here) and she played one of my favorite characters on Bates Motel, Emma Decody. In this movie, she definitely shares some of the screen with Douglas Booth (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Jupiter Ascending). However, her energy and her immersion into the character of Lizzie Cree, was simply spectacular to watch. I loved her in Bates Motel. But here, I didn't recognize her so much had she disappeared into Lizzie Cree. Douglas Booth also shines in this somewhat average film. Bill Nighy, a great British actor for many decades, all but disappears as the detective investigating the case, as Ms. Cooke and Mr. Booth seem to own their parts. I could not give this film any more than 7/10 because it didn't earn any more as a story and as a production. But Olivia Cooke and Douglas Booth managed to mesmerize me into watching and enjoying this movie very much. *****SPOILER ALERT***** I cannot help but think that the name Lizzie Cree was a bow to the Lizzie Borden story, considering how it ended. I say watch it for the performances, and the ending is a bit of a twist which was also quite stunning and I did not see it coming! I think you will at least be entertained and that is the point of the whole acting, TV, and film industry anyway.
christophvteichman I am apparently too stupid to understand the final final plot twist - does anyone? After Lizzie has gone to the gallows and Inspector Kildare has received his well deserved promotion, Dan Leno puts on a show based on Lizzie's life, starting with her hanging. In this show her character is played by her erstwhile nemesis and sometimes maid/substitute in her husband's bed, Aveline. The stage gallows, previously shown to be harmless to whoever gets "hanged", malfunctions and Aveline is killed. Dan then says he'll play Lizzie and puts on a Lizzie wig. In the next shot, however, it is Lizzie herself, not Dan, who's on the stage taking in the audience's applause and adulation. So - are we to conclude that she somehow escaped from prison, manipulated the stage gallows to kill Aveline and take over her role? Or is this just a fantasy? (If so, whose?) I am confused.