The Diary of a Teenage Girl

2015 "Some things are best kept secret"
6.9| 1h38m| R| en| More Info
Released: 07 August 2015 Released
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Minnie Goetze is a 15-year-old aspiring comic-book artist, coming of age in the haze of the 1970s in San Francisco. Insatiably curious about the world around her, Minnie is a pretty typical teenage girl. Oh, except that she’s sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend.

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Plantiana Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.
Precisett This movie is magnificent!
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Fatma Suarez The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
merelyaninnuendo The Diary Of A Teenage GirlTrying to find out its originality and reason beings by seeking, experimenting or even smelling the unknown is one of the finest detailed context ever to be mentioned on screen. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl is beautifully written and adapted but more importantly it's execution is something that sweeps away the attention. Marielle Heller is surprisingly amazing on her directorial debut, and works with conviction in each and every frame of it. Bel Powley is quite convincing on her teenage depiction and is supported with great performances by Alexander Skarsgård and Kirsten Wiig. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl is short (just around 100 minutes), to-the-point, perfectly edited and supervised with enormous amount of care and passion towards the art.
Adelaide Somers I came into this film with little to no indication about its source material or the tones it would present me with. I can now say I am eagerly going in search of the graphic novel that this film is based off. Firstly I want to talk about the cinematography for this feature, it is truly breathtaking in some scenes. I myself hope to become a cinematographer and looking at the care and clear passion put in by all crew, the shots all looked beautiful and breathed soul. The warm colours that reminds us of the 70's era were subtle enough to bring us into the films setting whilst not feeling too jarring or distracting.The animation was well used and superb, they were utilized to their fullest, almost as characters themselves, driving the story on- wards. Minnie was also very likable despite her very quirky and almost unrelatable behavior, however it was so refreshing to see a coming of age film really explore female sexuality and what love means to young women. Whether all of us can relate to the severity of her emotions and desires is irrelevant, we all have a bit of Minnie in us when it comes to growing up and that's what keeps you watching throughout the more graphic sex scenes. The rest of the cast including the important Monroe were also stellar, fantastic seeing Kristen Wiig in a more serious and layered roll as Minnie's mother. Monroe was also more complicated than your standard forbidden lover, he seemed to have a deep loneliness throughout the film that could be seen between his sexual aggression that really made you wonder how bad the whole situation was. I am sorry I can't go more in depth however this is best experienced than explained. Everyone will take something from this film, whether it be the messages about love and dependence or about appreciating the struggles we all go through as teenagers that seem so small now. I loved this movie, may not be to everyone's tastes but I thought it was a loving, engaging and overall beautiful film.
bjarias There are numerous wonderful performances in this brilliant little film. But two of them are great, and another is just amazing (star-making.. few outside of England had heard her name before, but that has all ended with this career making role). From start to finish this film grabs you, and doesn't let go for a minute. It well deserves all the accolades it's receiving, and is so timeless, it will keep on being discovered by viewers for a very long time to come. It's impressive on all levels.. writing, casting, acting, filming, directing, production values.. there are no noticeable weak points. It's video library category.. to be enjoyed again as time passes. Don't think of missing it.
Erin Robertson The Diary of a Teenage Girl is one of my favourite films. I waited so long for it to come out, having had it in my watch list since post-production, I was so excited when I could finally get my hands on it. The wardrobe was incredible, perhaps my favourite element, I wanted to own everything the main character wore. The acting was superb. I only watched because Kristen Wiig was in it, but I ended up falling in love with Bel Powley. The cartoon drawings were fantastic too. The film summed up the thoughts, feelings and emotions of a teenage girl exquisitely. It felt so real. Dialogue was fantastic too. I couldn't fault it. The movie was kind of like an American version of Fish Tank. I'd recommend to anyone. The ending was perfect too, the whole movie was perfect. Please watch.