Coming to America

1988 "The four funniest men in America are Eddie Murphy."
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Released: 29 June 1988 Released
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Prince Akeem, heir to the throne of Zamunda, leaves the tropical paradise kingdom in search of his queen. What better place than Queens, New York, to find his bride? Joined by his loyal servant and friend, Semmi, Akeem attempts to blend in as an ordinary American and begin his search.

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Lucybespro It is a performances centric movie
Limerculer A waste of 90 minutes of my life
Senteur As somebody who had not heard any of this before, it became a curious phenomenon to sit and watch a film and slowly have the realities begin to click into place.
Allison Davies The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.
foreverknight-46475 One of those movies you can watch over and over again. A pure classic.
cwade22 Maybe it's because I'm Half African, or maybe this film was very well done, but I LOVE THIS FILM! I was laughing throughout! And I don't often laugh to certain comedies. Never seen this film until today! I'd suggest my mom watch it but the nudity and profanity would not go well with Her. It would make her laugh though. I say that I'm half African because maybe That's why I relate to some parts and laughed. Like how many white people love The Office or arrested development, which both are very stale to me. I think certain ethnicities react more to certain comedies. Maybe that's a factor. Maybe not! This film wasn't directed by Spike Lee. It was John Landis! He's not black. I'm not sure my theory of ethnically relevant comedy always stands. Again, I don't laugh at arrested development nor The Office. I went on a date with a white girl and she was Talking about arrested development and I couldn't relate. With those two shows, maybe they land better with white people. I've never heard a black person talk about the office or arrested development. Never! I don't know any black people that want to go to Coachella, either. Lol. Race may not matter regarding how they react to certain styles of comedy. It's very interesting that Eddie Murphy was so successful in the 1980's as a leading man. Beverly Hills cop was supposed to cast Sylvester Stallone! Imagine that franchise with Sylvester Stallone! This film was Hilarious! And it had some cliche things, but surprisingly, they weren't cheesy. Eddie Murphy and John landis collaborated on other films. Maybe they really understood each other, maybe both were just very great at making films, and teaming up, they succeeded. I just think this film worked. I wasn't asking too many questions about realism because it could happen. The ending, I did wonder how that happened, but it can be explained if you think about the family and friends. I can't believe it took me this long to finally watch this movie. I had to debate with myself, whether Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy was funnier overall. I already know Eddie Murphy was more successful as an actor, but Eddie Murphy made Beverly Hills cop franchise into a very good franchise. If Stallone did that franchise as originally planned, it would've been very different. Maybe it's not fair comparing Murphy to Pryor, but they're very similar. Great film!
benjaminburt Perhaps the worst thing that works against Eddie Murphy's "Coming to America" is that many of the jokes fall flat. Who knows, maybe this was funny back in 1988. But remember, that year also gave us Beetlejuice, Die Hard, and Big, all of which hold up a LOT better than Coming to America.Many of this film's jokes are rooted in stereotypes. There are scenes where a black barber excitably argues with his patients. This is a very long sequence. I thought to myself, "Is this supposed to be funny? Why? Because he's black and he's got a funny voice?" The fictional African country as well was almost uncomfortable to watch to think that Eddie Murphy actually thought that his portrayal could reflect any real culture.I will give the movie this: it has heart. The actors look like they're having a good time, and I like most of the performances, but they're left on a bland script, tired story, and unfunny jokes. Overall, this movie tries, and it functions as a film, but if you're looking for a classic, this isn't one, and if this is the best Eddie Murphy film, what does that say about the rest?
brchthethird This is a hilarious, heartwarming comedy with Eddie Murphy at his peak (and playing multiple roles for the first time). The plot is rather simple: African prince leaves home to find in true love (in Queens, NY lol). However, what sets it apart from other fish-out-of-water comedies is the depth it gives the characters. The story isn't rushed, and it gives you time to spend with each character, so that you care about them, and what happens to them. I mentioned earlier that Eddie Murphy plays multiple roles (as well as Arsenio Hall, who also does a fantastic job). Here, he has four: one (obviously) as the main character Akeem, a soul/funk singer Randy Watson (who looks like a combination of Rick James and Kanye West), a loudmouthed barber and an old Jewish guy (completely unrecognizable, incredible makeup job). He even gives a distinct personality to each of his other characters, and elevates every scene he's in. Another great thing about this movie is the star-studded cast, from James Earl Jones to Samuel L. Jackson in a small role early in his career. Nobody is wasted, and everyone has their opportunity to shine. But more than anything, after this Eddie Murphy would never hit the comedic heights he did here. His film career arguably peaked here, although he would have a resurgence in the late 90's with The Nutty Professor and a couple others. Overall, this is a great movie experience the whole way through, and has a satisfying (if cliché) ending.