Boys Don't Cry

1999 "Do boys cry?"
7.5| 1h58m| R| en| More Info
Released: 02 September 1999 Released
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Female born, Teena Brandon adopts his male identity of Brandon Teena and attempts to find himself and love in Nebraska.

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Rijndri Load of rubbish!!
Lucybespro It is a performances centric movie
ChanFamous I wanted to like it more than I actually did... But much of the humor totally escaped me and I walked out only mildly impressed.
Nicole I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.
ggray33 As a man who's seen a million girls faces, I couldn't believe for 1 second that ms swank wasn't a girl. Her acting and body motions also betray her, but her face is that of a girl, and regardless of her acting, her face is so feminine that it makes me wonder what was going on in the casting director's mind. The story was fine, but it was ruined for me becouse of this casting error.
Dave This is a disgusting mess of a film about repulsive people. It's a badly-acted film about underclass, violent, reckless idiots.It's a disgrace that Hilary Swank won the Academy Award for Best Actress, which should have gone to Julianne Moore for her brilliant role in The End of the Affair.
room102 * This review contains a spoiler for the movie "Predestination" *I've watched this movie 2-3 times before, but not in quite some time. The movie is just as flawed as I remembered it. There are so many things about it that just don't work.First of all the writing and direction: They are just bad. Here is such an interesting subject for a movie and yet they managed to present it in such a boring way. It's slow, during at least half the movie almost nothing happens and we are slowly introduced to very boring and one- dimensional characters and environment.Now, Hilary Swank: She is a good actress - I came to like her only from this movie and "Million Dollar Baby", which both earned her pretty deserving Oscars. Still, during the entire time I couldn't stop thinking: "This is Hilary Swank" and "this is a girl, not a boy". It's usually a very bad sign, when I watch a movie and can't stop thinking about seeing the actual actor and not the character. It's very distracting, too. A movie should be good enough to have the suspension of disbelief make you forget you're watching actors doing their job. I don't know if that's the fault of Hilary Swank (I do think she gave a good performance), or maybe she needed more makeup/prosthetics or maybe it's a problem with the direction. What I'm quite certain is that she DID need to change her voice - it would have helped a lot.Now compare this movie to "Predestination" (my favorite movie of 2014), with the brilliant performance of Sarah Snook. I'd take "Predestination" anytime over "Boys Don't Cry". Snook's performance, together with the makeup and prosthetics made an amazing character - it was extremely convincing (at least for me), to the point that I needed to go check IMDb the first time I watched the movie (and thus ruin it a little bit for myself) in order to understand what is going on and find out whether the role is played by two actors or just one. If I'd have to choose between Swank's performance and Snook's performance, I'd definitely choose the latter - it's so much more believable and makes you forget you're watching an actress in makeup even when you know that.Peter Sarsgaard is very good in his poorly-written role and almost unrecognizable; Chloe Sevigny is also very good in her poorly-written role.All in all, this is a very missed opportunity, which could have been made into a MUCH better movie in the hands of more capable writer and director.
Red_Identity I had no idea this was based on a true story going into it, but I had a good feeling by the end of it. It really was hard-to-watch, a lot more than I had expected. The performance from Hilary Swank is pretty powerful, she manages to instantly make Brandon into a real human being and doesn't at all feel like a gimmick or just for show. Chloe Sevigny is also quite good, what a shame where her career went. The first half of it is relatively easy-going so where it ends up going just hits that much harder. Very good though, definitely strongly recommended for those seeking it out, if not to see it for the issues that it brings up, on a purely artistic level then it is.