Angels & Demons

2009 "The holiest event of our time. Perfect for their return."
6.7| 2h18m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 13 May 2009 Released
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Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is recruited by the Vatican to investigate the apparent return of the Illuminati - a secret, underground organization - after four cardinals are kidnapped on the night of the papal conclave.

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Teringer An Exercise In Nonsense
Aiden Melton The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.
Tymon Sutton The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
melika-beauty The film was terribly tedious and long In the third millennium, making such films is a waste of time and a waste of the material resources of a community I think directors and screenwriters of such films should be sanctioned This means that no one will go to the movies for many years The people of the world maybe unemployed, but they are not at the hands of people It was worth nothing to watch free of charge Because my valuable time and my likes took What really worthless things are done for money
CinemaClown Suffering from the same set of issues that plagued its predecessor, Angels & Demons manages to be at least a little more entertaining than The Da Vinci Code, thanks to its swift pace & consistently moving narrative, but the ridiculous twists & endless expositions don't make the ride any smoother.The story of Angels & Demons follows symbologist Robert Langdon who this time teams up with a nuclear physicist to solve another murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican while the Roman Catholic Church prepares for one of its most significant events; the election of the next Pope.Directed by Ron Howard, this sequel utilises the original's blueprint and is once again marred by a slew of nonsensical twists & absurd revelations, however, this time, it doesn't feel as stationary as the first film. A better pace does help in keeping the interest alive for a longer duration but the end result is still underwhelming.Performances offer no improvement, for Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon in the same flat manner as he did the last time and the new cast around him is just as forgettable. Its dynamic camera-work keeps the plot in motion and while its fast pace is a welcome upgrade, its never-ending exposition rarely makes sense yet keeps on rambling.On an overall scale, Angels & Demons is another incompetently directed, poorly written & lifelessly acted entry in Robert Langdon's film series but it's richly photographed, briskly edited & features a thrilling score which makes it slightly more bearable than The Da Vinci Code. A lesser trudging film of the two, Angels & Demons may still evoke a yawn or two.
KingBrian1 Not a fan of the Da Vinci series this one is the rare exception. Tom Hanks returns as the Symbolist Robert Langdon to investigate a murder mystery kept secret by the Vatican. This movie delves into the history of Reformation era Europe. The film is a political critic so to speak of Vatican responses or rather reactions to reform and secularism over the centuries. We get to see Langdon working with Dr Victoria Vetra, a CERN scientist traversing the beautiful city ruins of Rome figuring out yet another disturbing mystery that jeopardizes all of Christianity. We learn of a secret conspiracy in the high echelons of the Catholic Church. The Anti-Christ Papacy is before us and Langdon and Vetra must learn from the texts how to interpret what is playing out in front of them. Great scenery and it was brilliant to have access to Vatican archives and seeing what the Vatican looks like from all angles. Langdon goes through a Damascene conversion of sorts as he too is no fool to political intriguing that is going on within the Catholic Church and the need for guidance. Guidance offered by Ewan McGregor's role in the film as the caretaker Pope during a period of unease within the Vatican.
zkonedog Much like the Dan Brown novel that this movie was based on, there is a relatively simple formula to be followed for enjoyment: Suspend belief, enjoy thoroughly!Viewing this film is akin to watching a television show like, say, "24". You don't sit back and nitpick every plot just go with the flow and (more often than not) get caught up in the emotional drama. If you are able to do that, this movie will be very enjoyable for you.As I look back on the plot, I just watched the film less then a week ago and I'm still a bit shady as to what exactly was going on...something about ancient Illuminati symbols, the Catholic Church, the election of a new Pope, and underground experiments with the highly explosive "dark matter" compound. Much like in "The DaVinci Code", everything flies by in such a hurry that it is a bit difficult to digest. However, due to a great screenplay and competent acting, you will likely find yourself sucked into the whole experience.I cannot speak for the movie's accuracy with relevance to the original novel, as it was so long ago that I read it, but perhaps a bit of a departure wouldn't have been a bad thing, as don't most entertainment connoisseurs always say that the book is better than the movie anyway?!Thus, much like the page-turning appeal of the Dan Brown novel of the same name (where you just HAVE to read "one more chapter" before turning out the lights), this film does the exact same thing in cinematic fashion. When looked back upon, the pieces may not fit together or even seem downright ludicrous, but it was one heck of a ride!