• Nightcrawler (2014)
  • Crime Thriller Drama
  • A driven young man (Gyllenhaal) stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime journalism. When Lou Bloom, desperate for work, muscles into the world of L.A. crime journalism, he blurs the line between observer and participant to become the star of his own story. Aiding him in his effort is Nina, a TV-news veteran.
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Nightcrawler 2014
  • Hercules (2014)
  • Adventure Action
  • Fourteen hundred years ago, a tormented soul walked the earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules was the powerful son of the god king Zeus, for this he received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labors and the loss of his family, this dark, world-weary soul turned his back on the gods finding his only solace in bloody battle. Over the years he warmed to the company of six similar souls, their only bond being their love of fighting and presence of death. These men and woman never question where they go to fight or why or whom, just how much they will be paid. Now the King of Thrace has hired these mercenaries to train his men to become the greatest army of all time. It is time for this bunch of lost souls to finally have their eyes opened to how far they have fallen when they must train an army to become as ruthless and blood thirsty as their reputation has become.
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Hercules 2014
Escobar: Paradise Lost
  • Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)
  • For Pablo Escobar (Benicio Del Toro), family is everything. When young surfer Nick (Josh Hutcherson) falls for Escobar's niece, he finds his life on the line when he's pulled into the dangerous world of the family business.
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Escobar: Paradise Lost 2014
The Prince
  • The Prince (2014)
  • A family man who turns out to be a retired mob enforcer must travel across the country to find his daughter who has gone missing.
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The Prince 2014
  • Noah (2014)
  • A man who suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood.
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Noah 2014
Two Night Stand
  • Two Night Stand (2014)
  • After an extremely regrettable one night stand, two strangers wake up to find themselves snowed in after sleeping through a blizzard that put all of Manhattan on ice. They're now trapped together in a tiny apartment, forced to get to know each other way more than any one night stand should.
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Two Night Stand 2014
A Most Violent Year
  • A Most Violent Year (2014)
  • A thriller set in New York City during the winter of 1981, statistically one of the most violent years in the city's history, and centered on a the lives of an immigrant and his family trying to expand their business and capitalize on opportunities as the rampant violence, decay, and corruption of the day drag them in and threaten to destroy all they have built.
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A Most Violent Year 2014
  • Godzilla (2014)
  • Fifteen years after an 'incident' at a Japanese nuclear power plant, physicist Joe Brody joins forces with his soldier son Ford to discover for themselves what really happened. What they uncover is prelude to global-threatening devastation. An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.
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Godzilla 2014
Beyond the Reach
  • Beyond the Reach (2014)
  • A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert.
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Beyond the Reach 2014
The Captive
  • The Captive (2014)
  • Eight years after the disappearance of Cassandra, some disturbing incidents seem to indicate that she's still alive. Police, parents and Cassandra herself, will try to unravel the mystery of her disappearance.
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The Captive 2014
A Merry Friggin' Christmas
  • A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)
  • Boyd Mitchler and his family must spend Christmas with his estranged family of misfits. Upon realizing that he left all his son's gifts at home, he hits the road with his dad in an attempt to make the 8-hour round trip before sunrise.
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A Merry Friggin' Christmas 2014
If I Stay
  • If I Stay (2014)
  • Based on Gayle Forman's novel of the same name. "If I Stay" is the story of the gifted classical musician Mia and her boyfriend, Adam, an up and coming indie-rock star. Torn between two paths in life, her art or her relationship, Mia is forced to make an even starker choice between life and death when she is caught in a fatal car accident with her family one snowy morning in Oregon.
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If I Stay 2014
  • Predestination (2014)
  • Predestination chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent (Ethan Hawke) sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to prevent future killers from committing their crimes. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must stop the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time and prevent a devastating attack in which thousands of lives will be lost.
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Predestination 2014
Playing It Cool
  • Playing It Cool (2014)
  • The story of a young man disillusioned by love who meets a breathtaking young woman at a charity dinner by pretending to be a philanthropist. Turns out that she’s engaged to a guy who doesn’t like her going on dates. Challenged by the chase, and egged on by his eclectic friends, he feigns a platonic relationship in order to keep seeing her as he tries to conquer her heart
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Playing It Cool 2014
The Nut Job
  • The Nut Job (2014)
  • Surly, a curmudgeon, independent squirrel is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. Lucky for him, he stumbles on the one thing that may be able to save his life, and the rest of park community, as they gear up for winter - Maury's Nut Store.
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The Nut Job 2014
Love, Rosie
  • Love, Rosie (2014)
  • Since the moment they met at age 5, Rosie and Alex have been best friends, facing the highs and lows of growing up side by side. A fleeting shared moment, one missed opportunity, and the decisions that follow send their lives in completely different directions. As each navigates the complexities of life, love, and everything in between, they always find their way back to each other - but is it just friendship, or something more? Based on Cecelia Ahern's bestselling novel, LOVE, ROSIE is a heart-warming, modern comedy-of-errors posing the ultimate question: do we really only get one shot at true love?
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Love, Rosie 2014
I, Frankenstein
  • I, Frankenstein (2014)
  • 200 years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam, still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind.
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I, Frankenstein 2014
  • Barefoot (2014)
  • The "black sheep" son of a wealthy family meets a young psychiatric patient who's been raised in isolation her entire life. He takes the naive young woman home for his brother's wedding an improbable romance blooms, as she impresses everyone with her genuine, simple charms.
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Barefoot 2014
You're Not You
  • You're Not You (2014)
  • A drama centered on a classical pianist who has been diagnosed with ALS and the brash college student who becomes her caregiver.
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You're Not You 2014
  • Locke (2014)
  • Ivan Locke has worked hard to craft a good life for himself. Tonight, that life will collapse around him. On the eve of the biggest challenge of his career, Ivan receives a phone call that sets in motion a series of events that will unravel his family, job, and soul.
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Locke 2014
Palo Alto
  • Palo Alto (2014)
  • Palo Alto weaves together three stories of teenage lust, boredom, and self-destruction: shy, sensitive April (Emma Roberts), torn between an illicit flirtation with her soccer coach (James Franco) and an unrequited crush on sweet stoner Teddy (Jack Kilmer); Emily (Zoe Levin), who offers sexual favors to any boy to cross her path; and the increasingly dangerous exploits of Teddy and his best friend Fred (Nat Wolff), whose behavior may or may not be sociopathic.
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Palo Alto 2014
Song of the Sea
  • Song of the Sea (2014)
  • The story of the last Seal Child’s journey home. After their mother’s disappearance, Ben and Saoirse are sent to live with Granny in the city. When they resolve to return to their home by the sea, their journey becomes a race against time as they are drawn into a world Ben knows only from his mother’s folktales. But this is no bedtime story; these fairy folk have been in our world far too long. It soon becomes clear to Ben that Saoirse is the key to their survival.
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Song of the Sea 2014
[REC]⁴ Apocalypse
  • [REC]⁴ Apocalypse (2014)
  • Ángela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the firemen, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don't know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection. She is to be taken to a provisional quarantine facility, a high-security installation where she will have to stay in isolation for several days. An old oil tanker, miles off shore and surrounded by water on all sides, has been especially equipped for the quarantine.
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[REC]⁴ Apocalypse 2014
  • Mommy (2014)
  • A peculiar neighbor offers hope to a recent widow who is struggling to raise a teenager who is unpredictable and, sometimes, violent.
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Mommy 2014
The Quiet Ones
  • The Quiet Ones (2014)
  • A university student and some classmates are recruited to carry out a private experiment -- to create a poltergeist. Their subject: an alluring, but dangerously disturbed young woman. Their quest: to explore the dark energy that her damaged psyche might manifest. As the experiment unravels along with their sanity, the rogue PHD students, led by their determined professor, are soon confronted with a terrifying reality: they have triggered an unspeakable force with a power beyond all explanation.
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The Quiet Ones 2014
Son of a Gun
  • Son of a Gun (2014)
  • Locked up for a minor crime, 19 year old JR quickly learns the harsh realities of prison life. Protection, if you can get it, is paramount. JR soon finds himself under the watchful eye of Australia's most notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch, but protection comes at a price.
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Son of a Gun 2014
Top Five
  • Top Five (2014)
  • A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancé talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.
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Top Five 2014
Men, Women & Children
  • Men, Women & Children (2014)
  • Follows the story of a group of high school teenagers and their parents as they attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.
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Men, Women & Children 2014
  • '71 (2014)
  • A young British soldier must find his way back to safety after his unit accidentally abandons him during a riot in the streets of Belfast.
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'71 2014
A Most Wanted Man
  • A Most Wanted Man (2014)
  • Thriller
  • When a half-Chechen, half-Russian, tortured half-to-death immigrant turns up in Hamburg's Islamic community, laying claim to his father's ill gotten fortune, both German and US security agencies take a close interest: as the clock ticks down and the stakes rise, the race is on to establish this most wanted man's true identity - oppressed victim or destruction-bent extremist?
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A Most Wanted Man 2014