Among Thieves
  • Among Thieves (2001)
  • Three friends, Victor, Amy and David, reunite after 10 years and uncover one of the key, hidden reasons for the war in Iraq.
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Among Thieves 2001
Room 314
  • Room 314 (2006)
  • How many stories can one hotel room tell? Watch as five couples in different stages of relationships reveal what they really want to each other.
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Room 314 2006
  • HottieBoombaLottie (2008)
  • Cheerfully clueless and unexpectedly charming Ethan attempts to win the heart of high school hottie Madison Sweet, only to find himself in competition with his own brother.
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HottieBoombaLottie 2008
Seven Girlfriends
  • Seven Girlfriends (1999)
  • Jesse is charming, romantic, and he knows how to pop the question; he just can't face marriage. So, when he and Hannah split up during the same week that a former fiancée dies, he decides to figure things out. He visits each woman about whom he's been serious to ask what went wrong. His teen flame, an independent woman who sometimes sleeps with him, and a group of lesbians give him advice, as does Anabeth, dead but lively in his dreams. One ex remains furious, but with the help of her inventive colleague, the level-headed insomniac Laura, Jesse even gets to talk to her. It's on to Anabeth's funeral, where he'll see Hannah, and maybe grasp what has been eluding him.
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Seven Girlfriends 1999
  • Flytrap (2014)
  • Flytrap mixes sci-fi with dark humor to tell the story of a reserved English Astronomer who becomes ensnared by the mysterious Mary Ann and her creepy and dangerous comrades. Held hostage in a twisted version of suburban San Fernando Valley, the Astronomer slowly uncovers the reason for his capture and the miserable fate that awaits him-and humanity-unless he acts.
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Flytrap 2014
Streamline Express
  • Streamline Express (1935)
  • A disparate group of people meet as passengers on a superspeed train crossing the U.S. Aboard are a seductive blackmailer and the stage director he intends to frame, a woman chasing her husband who is running away with the blackmail victim, and the stage director's feisty leading lady.
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Streamline Express 1935
The Diary of Preston Plummer
  • The Diary of Preston Plummer (2012)
  • On the day of his college graduation, Preston Plummer cannot think of a single thing he really loves. Adrift, Preston follows a beautiful but troubled young woman to a small island town where he begins to fall for her, but it all threatens to fall apart when he uncovers her family’s dark past.
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The Diary of Preston Plummer 2012
Under the Mistletoe
  • Under the Mistletoe (2006)
  • Devoted father and husband, Tom Chandler dies, in a car accident, but appears as a ghost to his teenage son Jonathan.
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Under the Mistletoe 2006
I Do & I Don't
  • I Do & I Don't (2008)
  • A screwball comedy about a young couple that must endure premarital counseling and the horrific married couple they are assigned to.
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I Do & I Don't 2008
Midway to Heaven
  • Midway to Heaven (2011)
  • Years after his wife Kate (Melanie Nelson) died, Ned Stevens (Curt Doussett, Saints and Soldiers, The R.M.) still cringes at the thought of dating other women. After all, why would he start dating again when he still has to look out for his daughter Liz (Brittany Peltier)? But when Liz comes home for a visit from college, she brings a surprise guest who will throw Ned for a loop. Can Ned ever accept that his little girl has fallen in love with David (Kirby Heyborne, The Best Two Years, The Singles Ward), a practically perfect know-it-all who drives Ned crazy?
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Midway to Heaven 2011
He's on My Mind
  • He's on My Mind (2009)
  • Elementary school teacher, Kayla King thought she had the perfect relationship, and after an impromptu wedding, Kayla discovers that not only is she the other women...she's the other wife. Devastated, Kayla vows to figure out "WHY MEN DO WHAT THEY DO", and is spontaneously imbued with the ability to intercept men's thoughts. That's when the fun begins. Kayla newfound ability will present her with more than she bargained for, both in her personal life and at work.
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He's on My Mind 2009
Greener Mountains
  • Greener Mountains (2005)
  • Greener Mountains is a family friendly, coming-of-age story about finding your place in the world.
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Greener Mountains 2005
Tiny Little Lies
  • Tiny Little Lies (2008)
  • Drama - When Michael Taylor discovers his wife murdered in the upstairs bedroom of their loft, the decision about what to do doesn't come easy, because downstairs, a dinner party is under way for two wealthy patrons interested in purchasing Michael's art. He convinces Martin and Dominick to keep quiet and close the deal. Despite their uncertainty about each other's motives and the paranoia over who the killer is, they form a fragile alliance to shut up, against the promise of a big pay off. - John Thaddeus, Jaclyn Kerhulas, George Sharperson
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Tiny Little Lies 2008
Green River
  • Green River (2008)
  • There is no turning back. Whether we trust our friends, others or ourselves our decision determines the fate of the future. Green River's story deals with the agonizing truth of the actions we take in times of crisis.
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Green River 2008
Echoes of Innocence
Echoes of Innocence 2005
  • Zombiez (2005)
  • A woman finds herself on the run from the living dead. Her friends are being slaughtered and she can find no help. Will she survive or will she too fall victim to the Zombiez?
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Zombiez 2005
Legend of the Sandsquatch
  • Legend of the Sandsquatch (2006)
  • When her grandfather disappears in the desert, Sue (Hilary Schwartz) tries to determine where he was headed. But she soon learns he was secretly tracking a horrific desert beast -- the Sandsquatch -- determined to annihilate the monster that killed his friends. Now Sue joins forces with her buddy Garrett (Josh Cornell) and other pals to find her grandfather before the Sandsquatch does in this bloody spine-chiller.
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Legend of the Sandsquatch 2006
  • Farm (2010)
  • Charlie and his little brother Simon live a secluded life, feeding off of the land and surviving on their own. The monotony of their lives remains unchanged: day after day, month after month, yet, something keeps them from growing comfortable, from feeling safe. And all too soon, the nightmare brewing beneath the surface of their quiet farm life will erupt. For how can one survive the end of the world and expect their future to be bright? How can one expect there to be a future at all?
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Farm 2010
  • 2002 (2001)
  • In Hong Kong, the special force of the police known as 2002 is composed of the twenty-two year-old cop Chiu and his ghost partner and they fight against supernatural phenomena under the guidance of the mystic Paper Chan. When his partner reincarnates, the rookie policeman Fung applies for the position; but Paper Chan explains Chiu that the team is to be formed by a man and a spirit, and Chiu has a death star on his hand that dooms his friends to die. Meanwhile, Chiu falls in love for Nurse Danielle, but he avoids her to protect her life against the fate of the death star. When the fiend Water Ghost possesses Fung seeking revenge against Chiu, he has to battle against the evil spirit trying to protect also his friend.
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2002 2001
A Nocturne: Night Of The Vampire
  • A Nocturne: Night Of The Vampire (2007)
  • From the Australian underground comes a dynamic gothic original. Z and X are vampires bound by love and driven by their lust for blood. Together they stalk their unsuspecting prey in the dark streets and back alleys of Melbourne, but tonight they aren't the only killers lurking in the shadows. A moody and atmospheric thriller, A NOCTURNE: NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE is a sophisticated reworking of the vampire genre with film noir stylistics.
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A Nocturne: Night Of The Vampire 2007
  • Lucid (2013)
  • A woman with increasingly disturbing and violent dreams consults a famous sleep therapist known for his controversial treatments. Her experience plummets her into the dark, twisted depths of her subconscious, grasping for her sanity.
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Lucid 2013
The Incredible Truth
  • The Incredible Truth (2013)
  • An artist named Jiajia promised to show her girl friend Wei Ling around in Japan but eventually fails to show up for no reason. After Wei Ling goes and gets accommodated in a family-run hot spring hotel of Shimizu, Jiajia's Japanese boyfriend, she begins her endless weird experience as if she's haunted, and the hotel even sinks into a series of horrible homicides, in which the victims are all family members of the Shimizu's without exception. Every clue found is connected to Jiajia.
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The Incredible Truth 2013
The Caretakers
  • The Caretakers (2014)
  • An aging caretaker for a powerful vampire must help hunt down a rogue half-breed vampire at the same time that he trains his two new apprentices.
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The Caretakers 2014