The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

2003 "The eye of the enemy is moving."
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Aragorn is revealed as the heir to the ancient kings as he, Gandalf and the other members of the broken fellowship struggle to save Gondor from Sauron's forces. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam take the ring closer to the heart of Mordor, the dark lord's realm.

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ChanBot i must have seen a different film!!
Cleveronix A different way of telling a story
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
nidean Although the book is a bit different, I think it's the best screening! Actors are correctly chosen. Each of them plays amazing role. Looking to the Tolkien's world is astonishingly awesome. And the story and the course of the film itself is amazingly interesting. I think this is a film which you must see and see all this wonderful world, with all the amazing things and events.
yasirjunejo This is so awesome movie ever made. it is came from 2001 and i born in 1997 and i just don't say oh man i just missed all this trilogy in my era,but it is fine,LOTR is the evergreen movie.i watched it in 2013 or 2014's n=middle and i left speechless of this genuine sincerity and their character,epic adventure,honesty.this film shows love,genuine friendship,sincerity and it is also filmed at the best place where it is only a naturally things.and the most important thing of this movie is soundtracks.there really outstanding and fabulous,whenever i listen theme of LOTR i just lost myself in another place where is only pace and love and sincerity. i just don't say oh man i lost the era of LOTR's but it is matter of birth ;) i watched it in 2013' end being proud of it.i think it is the only thing which i can be so proud of the LOTR.LOTR motivates me towards my future.Lord of the green forever be my favorite movie for the life time. i just want to say i'm proud that i have movies like this and being proud that i watched it in 2013's or 2014's it.
shaftales Best casting for make this movie best directing in 12 hour movie best editing of all time best soundtrack of movies i think it deserve oscar awards best scenes and sets of all time
Leray97 With the four hour conclusion that is The Return of the King, the Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to a close. When it comes to film franchises, this fantasy series easily takes the cake for being the best one out there. The visual effects aren't the best, nor is the acting, but the story makes for such an experience that is so easy to become emotionally invested in. Part of the success that the story achieves comes from its execution as the writing caters to the whimsical side of adventuring as well as the more darker themes that involve Sauron and the One Ring. Another aspect of the story's successful execution has to do with how much care is given into each of the characters. There's obviously one overarching plot that involves everyone, but that itself is not the sole focus of the story. In the end, the LOTR trilogy feels like a big journey due to the audience gradually learning more and more about all the relevant characters and their motives.With their long runtimes, each film in the trilogy takes its time to fully establish the setting and flesh out its characters, as they should for being epics. I honestly can't imagine watching the theatrical versions now, seeing as the extended versions put in the much needed additional time to develop secondary characters. Though the more I think about it, I'm not too sure exactly how much this particular film benefits from having an extra 30 minutes in its runtime. Where Fellowship of the Ring benefited from the extra minutes in world building and the extended version of Two Towers slightly faltered in its pacing, The Return of the King is already going to be charged with wrapping everything up so I don't know what scenes the filmmakers would have prioritized over others. Either way, the tone of this film is so fitting for this grand adventure that I won't think about it too much.There's a lot of closure in the film, the character arcs that have been developed throughout the three films all come to a close and I can safely say that every minute I spent watching these movies were worth it. I really enjoyed Aragorn's (Viggo Mortensen) arc; seeing him develop as a leader and a reliable person made him my favorite character overall. Besides Frodo and Sam, I think Aragorn also has the most screen time out of all the films.Anyone who reveres the LOTR trilogy for its masterful storytelling and world-building is right to do so. It's probably the only set of films to tell such a story in all the right ways. Experiencing this trilogy in the theaters must have been a life changing point in many people's lives; I'm sure that if I was part of the fandom back then, my love for movies would have grown much sooner.