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Tarzan (2013)Movie

Stars: Kellan Lutz | Robert Capron | Jaime Ray Newman |

Release Date: 2013-10-17

Production Companies: Constantin Film Produktion, Ambient Entertainment GmbH,

Director: Reinhard Klooss,

Tarzan Summary

One of the most classic and revered stories of all time, Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan returns to the big screen for a new generation. Tarzan and Jane face a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan's parents, after they died in a plane crash in the African jungle.

Trevor Johnston

Proves that technical knowhow and a reliable old yarn will only get you so far when imagination is lacking.

Peter Debruge

The motion capture feels like a stunt, while the stunts ... don't.

Jordan Mintzer

All of this feels awfully simplistic, like a 10-minute cartoon sketch bloated into a full-length movie, and one that's backed by an over-explanatory voiceover that can sometimes sound awkward.