Live and Let Die

1973 "Bond is back. Back in action. Back with excitement."
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Released: 27 June 1973 Released
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Country: United Kingdom
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James Bond must investigate a mysterious murder case of a British agent in New Orleans. Soon he finds himself up against a gangster boss named Mr. Big.

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Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Kayden This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama
Logan By the time the dramatic fireworks start popping off, each one feels earned.
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
BondGirl77 The first time I saw LALD, I was not a big fan of it. I did not care for the weird voodoo and tarot card aspects. After viewing it a second time, I liked it better, and after viewing it a third time, I liked it even more. It is now one of my most watched Bond films, and every time I watch it, I find myself liking it more than the last time. Jane Seymour is wonderful as Solitaire. She is so beautiful and plays her role with the perfect amount of innocence. She is definitely one of my favorite Bond girls from the Moore era.The villains are great, the action scenes are great, and the gadgets are fun as usual. I especially love the watch. ;) The theme song by Paul McCartney is just phenomenal ! One of the best Bond themes hands down. Roger is charming, funny, and so very gorgeous in this film. I could not believe it when I read that he was 45 when he shot this film. He looks like he is in his 30s. While I found Connery great in the role as well, Roger's portrayal is definitely my favorite. I love the charm and the humour that he brought to the role. He is to this day, my favorite Bond. I thought that he did a great job in his first outing as Bond. He did not try to copy Connery, nor did he seem uncomfortable in the role. He simply made it his own in a seemingly effortless way, and I quickly fell in love with his Bond. How could you not ? Especially when you see him in that black turtleneck at the end. The man was FINE ! The most handsome and charming Bond IMO. On top of his great looks, he was a phenomenal actor. He could say so much with just one look, and there was no one better at delivering those funny one liners. While LALD is not my favorite Bond film, it is definitely near the top of my list. A great start to the Moore era.
daviddaphneredding This is one of three James Bond films I personally own, and I do like it, mainly because of the excitement and the tense story. This is the first Bond movie for Roger Moore, who plays Agent 007. Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman really do a fine job, so this is not an anomaly at all. M, still played by Bernard Lee, is his same unsmiling, not-so-friendly self. and Miss Moneypenny (played by Lois Maxwell) still vies for Bond's affection futilely; she does help him out of a close call is his apartment one night, but still, again, doesn't earn his affection. Yaphat Kotto is mean as mean can be as he plays, for all practical purposes, two roles, as the drug pin from Harlem named Mr. Big, and as Kananga, the man who controls the fictitious island of San Monique in the Caribbean. Julius Harris, who plays Tee Hee, the heavy with the mechanical arm, has not one good bone in him. In this movie which places emphasis on voodoo, Jane Seymour, (in this her first movie) plays the lady named Solitaire, and for her and Kananga it's "all in the cards," the tarot cards. The voodoo aspect of it is what renders it weird. Geoffrey Holder is his same bass-voiced self, and renders the movie comical. Brenda Arnau is an appealing addition who sings the title song at a nightclub in New Orleans. So, the weird movie does have positive aspects. The plot pattern is standard: here, three CIA agents are killed-one "technologically" at the UN Building in New York, one in front of a bar in New Orleans where a bogus funeral is held and the agent is fatally knifed by a black man, and then another agent is killed on the island San Monique by a python(?) while that agent is tied to two poles. So now, 007 must find out who the killer is, "and so the fun begins." Definitely, the blacks are not put in a good light, which is what happens when Blaxploitation is emphasized. But it is exciting, has a talented cast, and there's never a dull moment virtually. An exciting movie about Bond, James Bond.
KineticSeoul This won't be a classic like few previous Bond films with Sean Connery as the lead. But it does have it's moments and it has quite a bit of upgraded action sequences. Sure, some parts are still quite cheesy but it wasn't all that campy either this time around. This is a pretty decent outing for Roger Moore as the new James Bond for the new era. I think Roger Moore is quite a likable guy and it's not all that surprising why the producers wanted to keep him as Bond for such a long period. I mean Roger was like 45 when it took on the role of the International Men of Mystery. I even liked the opening and the opening theme song song for this installment. However Moore just didn't convince me as James Bond, he was a pacifist after all. He played Bond as this giddy normal guy than a cold super spy. He is watchable but just didn't convince me as Bond. I did like the setting though, which takes place in Louisiana, especially the New Orleans area. And Caribbean island while dealing with some supernatural stuff with some sort of voodoo chanting and dancing thrown into the mix. The plot isn't difficult to follow though and it has quite a bit of action sequences that entertains. I will say some parts just comes off a bit odd, I will even go as far as to call it weird during certain points in this movie, but it's coherent enough to make it work. It's like watching Scooby-Doo, except it's a James Bond Adventure. Overall this is a decent Bond film and a decent outing for Roger Moore. 7/10
rjsf96 It was Roger Moore's chance to step into the shadow of Bond after the likes of Connery and Lazenby had played their part. Moore's comedic approach never sat well with me and his outings cannot be taken seriously. He is undoubtedly good fun in the role, but he is also the last person that springs to mind when I think of Bond.This is the first Bond film where we do not see the organisation of SPECTRE for a lengthy period. Bond instead goes up against a heroin manufacturer who uses the threat of Voodoo dolls and black magic as a front to disguise his true business and intentions.Live and Let Die feels like a product of its times. It is a wacky Bond entry that was made in the 70s. Yet it is embarrassing in its treatment of the material. The voodoo elements ring false on several occasions and make it likewise hard to buy into. For me personally Roger Moore is the weakest Bond. So why was he granted seven separate entries? Seems a bit much considering that Sean Connery had six.No one can deny that the racial slurs used throughout the film make you feel uncomfortable and awkward. Mentions of the word "honkie" and jokes regarding the Ku Klux Klan make the film more of a chore than a pleasure to sit through. You can rest assured that no other Bond film would be this unwise. Although I have many issues with the treatment of the story, Live and Let Die is not a total loss, just impossible to recommend to the casual viewer. The villains; Mr Big and Kanaga make for an excellent pair coming across as egotistical, twisted and mad. The girl Solitaire is a favourite for many and it's easy to pinpoint why. Her fragile nature, natural beauty and virginity make her a heavenly creature. The set pieces are inventive using many elements that provide sufficient thrills, such as sequences involving crocodiles, speedboats and a bus! It is certainly not Bond, but by all accounts it is a hard film to dislike.Live and Let Die would prove the limit for most Bond fans. Can you stomach racial slurs and stereotypes? If you can overlook these factors and regard the film as a product of its time then you are bound to gain more joy watching it than I did. As for myself I have no desire to ever return again to Live and Let Die. But as a strange peculiarity it demands one viewing at the very least.