Gridiron Gang

2006 "One goal. A second chance."
6.9| 2h5m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 15 September 2006 Released
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Teenagers at a juvenile detention center, under the leadership of their counselor, gain self-esteem by playing football together.

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Cebalord Very best movie i ever watch
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
Maleeha Vincent It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.
Staci Frederick Blistering performances.
Floated2 As many of these PG-13 type sports dramas in which have come in the past, many of them are about redemption about a certain act or over coming as underdogs. As well as inspirational and over the top in antics. Gridiron Gang is no different in which films we have seen in the past, though not completely original, the film is still quite solid and shows a compelling and inspirational story. With these films, they are all mostly predictable in knowing how it will end, on a good note. First we see the struggle of the team, then something clicks, enemies start becoming friends and bonding, then in the end they eventually get the payback upon the team or foe in which has defeated them earlier on. The acting is solid for this type of film. The Rock shows range in one of his earlier films, and compared to today's day and age, we rarely seen him in these type of films, compared to his blockbusters, though which isn't a bad thing. As he is a much bigger movie star now and deserves his credit. Overall, Gridiron is quite good and was as expected, though some pacing could have been different and some parts drag but since there are a lot of characters, it was convenient. Very similar to Coach Carter expect this is about football, while that was basketball. In the end, the fulfillment is what was expected as it happened. Recommend for those who enjoy inspiration sports dramas.
Austin Dillow I just finished this movie and here is what I think it for what it was which was a story about how a juvenile correction worker risks his job for a football program to help the convicts escape gang life. It was a touching movie in its emotional parts and an exciting one in its game sequences. It showed the struggle some have to go through to leave their gangs or even to survive in prison. If you are interested in an underdog story or a good sports movie this wouldn't be a poor choice. The Movie is based in California in the late 1980's to early 1990's in a correctional facility. One of the workers want's to start a football team in order to teach the kids about hard work and teamwork in order for them to have a chance for a future. It starts out looking like the program was going to fail. It currently has a gang return rate of only 8% before the program the return rate was over 68%. Duane Johnson was one of the main characters in the movie and I feel he did one of the best jobs for his character when it focused on his dying mother and his passion for coaching football. Sctu. Taase and his character was one of the key components for the movie as it starts out as him being violent and uncooperative to him changing and becoming a major part of the team. J. Yorker played Willie a gang youth arrested soon after the death of his cousin. David. V. Thomas plays the role of Calvin a rival gang member of Willies. In the more important scenes I didn't like how some of the acting was stiff, such as when Xzibit's character is convincing the christen coach to let them play against their team it seemed so stiff emotionally. I did like however the scenes where you could see the team slowly come together as it showed character progression. I disliked the character "Bug" because I found him annoying but that seemed on purpose. I think the story is about having the will to try and change who you are for the better and that second chances are sometimes what a person needs to succeed. It also warns of the dangers of gang life and the impact it can have of you and your family. I think one of its better lessons was that even if you do not win you are not a loser if you put your heart into it. I would recommend this movie to people who generally like underdog stories and football. I would hesitate to bring children to this film as it contains violence, swearing, and mild racism. If you watch football movies often you might notice some clichés such as the coach going too far and realizing what he did and apologizing to the team for it. All in all I rate this a 4/5. I rated it this because I noticed so many clichés and some scenes were just stiff in the acting but other scenes showed high tension very well. I am a student in the 11th grade at GCCC and who played football for over eight years before I quit after a concussion. They like reading, gaming, and sleeping.
noces Movie: A chance for a team T.J. Bailey Director: Phil Joanou So I just got done watching the movie Grid Iron Gang, a movie about a correctional facility with a number of different gangs and people trying to survive around each other, although there is always a fight, throughout the movie teamwork prevails and lessons are learned. I have to say I liked the movie even though you can sort of already tell what is going to happen just like other movies involving an inspired football team with issues. I enjoyed the movie the characters and the events kept me interested. Dwayne Johnson playing as Shawn, a guardian of the correctional facility where he also coached and mentored the convicts into a football team. He made the kids work together and dealt with their differences to get them to work as a team. Jade Younker Playing as Willy, did nothing but fight and stay in gang related activities. He learns how to calmly respect others and be a better team player. Exhibit playing as Malcom, the assistant coach helped the team find games to play by talking to other schools and coaches. He wanted the boys to have a chance to play against other teams but his team full of convicts, made finding teams to play hard, most schools were not willing to face them. Setu Taase Playing as Jr., showed his progress from constantly fighting and arguing with others to becoming a team player. When Malcom doesn't allow him on the team, after realizing the situation he fought for the chance to be on the team and to make his son proud of him. David V. Thomas playing Calvin, a gang member who hated the gang that Willy was in. He showed his hatred by giving him dirty looks and threatening him. As time goes by, he starts to trust Willy and on the field one day gets shot by Willy's cousin who Willy then stops to protect Calvin. At the end they are friends and watch over each other.
ryko25 To be fair I would probably have loved this film when I was 6 or 7 years old. However, with the violence and profanity this clearly wasn't intended to be for children, which leads to the depressing conclusion that this pile of drivel was actually supposed to entertain adults. The entire plot is utterly shallow cheese but might have been at least bearable as mindless viewing were it not for the music. Was the composer trying to break the world record for number of "uplifting" crescendoes in a film? They are relentless - if someone makes a cup of tea, there's a massively overblown moving "Saving Private Ryan"-type epic musical motif to accompany it. The composer is either having fun at the plot-writer's expense, or is the worst composer ever to score a film.