2005 "Every Dream Has A Beginning"
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Released: 29 September 2005 Released
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Like millions of kids around the world, Santiago harbors the dream of being a professional footballer... However, living in the Barrios section of Los Angeles, he thinks it is only that--a dream. Until one day an extraordinary turn of events has him trying out for Premiership club Newcastle United.

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VividSimon Simply Perfect
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
Derrick Gibbons An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.
ledbrookm The football in this film is awful and damn right cringeworthy. He looks like he's never kicked a ball in his life let alone play at the highest level, truly awful depiction of the great game. If you're going to make a FOOTBALL film get someone who can actually play and kick a football, not looking like it's the first time he's played!!
encinozaalejandra It's a very touching yet realistic movie that focuses on the life of a young man, Santiago. The characters were very well developed which made it easier to watch and understand, by the end of the movie you are so invested in his life that you don't want it to end. The participation of his dad, Gavin, Glen and his grandmother was very interesting yet intriguing in some cases.It also gets you very involved in the sport (soccer) even though in my opinion that specific part of the movie wasn't very realistic. the movie is actually full of different emotions. In all, I enjoyed the movie and the characters very much.
Dipendra LPool Pokharel This is one of the five best movies I have listed in my list for best football movies which could be seen here -http://givemegoal.com/np/2014/04/07/best-football- movies/The movie is good one to be honest and hands all the pleasure for the live of Football when you watch the movie.The movie certainly shows how a promising youngster fulfills his dream to play Football professionally despite of different kinds of obstacles.When compared to the real life, this movies displays lot more than football and inspires how one should stick to his interest and dream and work hard to achieve success.
wibiyana well, actually I'm not keen on any football stuff..., I do never see a single match of anything related with "ball" I hate sports... but then one night I saw this movie through my TV and I wowed by the story of it !!! the main character (Santiago) was totally built in this movie, kuno Becker has the role !!! I learned so many things from this movie. such as how you have to face the reality that sometimes will be so much far away than any bad dream you ever got, it feels so real showed by the scene of Santiago when he expelled from the reserve player team. and how he has to lost his money that he saved because of his father wanted to buy a truck and it made santiago cant go England. but then we cant just make our dream gone, blown by the wind...if we dare to dreaming about something big, so we have to do and make a big sacrifice too. also..sometimes do not listen to anyone make you down, even it was your own parents! that's what I got from this movie. well, and yeah..,we have to keep our team work as any kind of sports, we work as a team, the important one is the name printed in front of your shirt, not behind! the plot was really beautifully well done, you'll see an unforgettable story and a touching one. so worth for people who like football or people who afraid to make a big deal with their life, first so many footballer and so many scene make you wanna cry and promised to yourself that one day I have to make my dream comes true!! you would not soon forget this movie, its kinda memorable and thinkable movie guys... I really recommend this movie for ya!!! (now I'm looking for the other movie starred Kuno)