Donnie Darko

2001 "You can never go too far."
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Released: 24 October 2001 Released
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After narrowly escaping a bizarre accident, a troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of crimes.

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TinsHeadline Touches You
Acensbart Excellent but underrated film
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
salmanalfarisi-81574 Donnie Darko, who has a mental illness of an imaginary friend who always possesses his soul to commit various criminal acts. He has a supernatural power where he can see the future. Well, "Donnie Darko" is one of those movies. One movie which makes you stretched your head halfway if you only watch it once. Watching one time will not be able to give you a clear answer to the story in this movie even though watching repeatedly. This is a kind of movie which isn't too focused on the plot so that it uses the interpretation and theory of the audience. There is a connection between this thing and that thing. What you got in "Donnie Darko" is a mental illness, imaginary friends, hallucination, and time travel. The rest, this movie focuses on the time travel itself and correlates with the timeline, bible, God's destiny, sacrifice, and etc."Donnie Darko" is so difficult to explain without giving a few spoilers or more. So, I would explain this movie vaguely because giving just one spoiler can ruin the mood of this movie for those who haven't watched it. As I said, "Donnie Darko" is one movie which is still being discussed for today along with other ambiguity movies such as "Memento," "2001: A Space Odyssey," and "Inception." Even though some people seem to forget about those movies, it's just one of those. As it said at the plot, Donnie play as Jake Gyllenhaal is a high school student, has a normal life, family, friends, and there is no problem at all unless when he meets Frank, his imaginary bunny friend. His impression on his character has a strange impression at the beginning when he wakes up from his sleep on an empty street with a bicycle lying next to him. From here, we have presumed that this movie will have a lot of strange and twisty hypotheses so that we as viewers try to collect the puzzle.The movie seems solid but not too monotonous, especially in the used of the setting. Various plot holes which it still seems pointless to the plot are still vague to be well-taken. Although the impression feels terrifying with various shades of darkness full of mystery with Donnie's character, "Donnie Darko" sometimes used a little humor but feels real because it often happens in the reality. You got Donnie Darko and his family, his girlfriend, his best friend, the bullies, the teachers, the therapist, the grandma's death and others. However, the movie did not have a logical reason when connecting it with the timeline of Donnie lived in and I didn't know what reason was involved in there. Besides Donnie, other characters it's lifeless from Donnie's story. In fact, all the characters seem don't give a little damn about Donnie. The script is pretty good but the character is a problem for myself. It's like they only fill some important points yet pointless to the story so it doesn't develop Donnie's character. Yeah, it's just not just a big deal because it's just about Donnie itself.The movie has a disturbing impression, I bet. Jack Gyllenhaal as Donnie is such a terrifying and best performance. He's so well-great compared to other movies. His eyes always gave frighten expression, play as two personalities so perfectly with back and forth ways. Patrick Swayze is awesome regardless of his role which isn't too focused and not too much. Jolene Purdy as Cherita Chen is just an innocent character and a pity which isn't too focused even though she can be the most interesting point in this film. Although this movie is also Seth Rogen's first debut during his career, his first quote was really interesting for his first career that said: "I like your boobs." What's more, this is a movie about an anti-hero without a cape in-action behind something. In the end, this isn't a clear movie of the final answer if only watching one time. A feeling of deja vu at the end of the movie can be one of the best morals in this movie about taking a reality in the future but running away from the reality. Well, you can interpret as yourself because of this."Donnie Darko" is a perfect debut for Richard Kelly as a director and a writer. He combined the entire atmosphere and created it with a various existing twist, flatly directed, yet full of puzzles. This is also not one which can only be explained once but there is a lot of more between that. Jake Gyllenhaal gave a terrifying performance from the intensity of his gesture and his acting. The soundtrack in this movie is so frightful and gives addition to various intensities, especially in the song which was played at the end of the movie "Mad World" by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews, one of the internet meme popular song which it fit with the segment. Not too slow and it has a nice tone for people who are used to movies like this. Some people find it tedious, I bet, but "Donnie Darko" makes you want to explore more about this movie.
hanibalyesbel I'm not gonna spil anything, but you should be prepared for some kick ass story watched from a half empty glass of the most pure absinth
steeztheog I just don't understand what the great reviews are from because it's certainly not this movie, don't get me wrong the cast was amazin and so was the acting but the story line was so far fetched and all over the show that none of it made sense, wouldn't recommend to anyone
andrewroy-04316 I really enjoyed watching Donnie Darko and loved the topics it touched on, but the explanation behind why everything happens left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I did find it genuinely funny and thought the acting was good, particularly Gyllenhaal doing a phenomenal job as always. The premise and broad array of themes touched on, from teen social life to religion to sci-fi, were fun and well explored. However, while you feel like you're being led through a wild, mind-bending journey and are always intrigued to see how the pieces fit together, the answer is dissatisfying.The given theory of the creation of a tangent universe in which there is some unnamed power that compels everyone in it to convince Donnie, who the TU is based around, to return the artifact seems ridiculous to me. There are also the manipulated dead in the TU, who also have all kinds of power, in addition to some powers Donnie supposedly has and can access when necessary. If there was some guiding force, that force could have just returned the artifact to where it came from and not manipulate the TU. Also, there is no explanation of how the artifact was created, or how Donnie accessed the wormhole in the end. Under the theory, the meaning of the world and everything that happened in the movie was just to return the artifact and get Donnie to be willing to kill himself, which seems meaningless and disappointing.My personal theory on how it all works is quite different. I think Donnie was just schizophrenic and Frank was inspired by his sister's boyfriend, Frank, who had a bunny costume and entered Jake's mind as part of his subconscious. His subconscious, already troubled and inspired by the readings he did for class, convinces him to do violent things. As he learns about the physics of time travel, the countdown clock is when the wormhole will be when he decides to take advantage of the wormhole and go back in time. At the end he decides, after much contemplation, that he is alone and will die alone, and decides to go back in time and kill himself by letting the jet engine fall on him. Regardless, I did find it extremely thought provoking and enjoyable, but the very questionable execution and follow through to the set up was disappointing to me.